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What Is IRS Form 941? | Bizfluent

IRS Form 941 is the Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return. All employers must withhold federal taxes from employees' compensation. These taxes include federal income tax, Social Security tax and Medicare tax. Those payments by the employer are credited to employees' tax liabilities and reported to them (as well as to the IRS) on the annual W-2. Employers must also pay their portion of Social...

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Profit & Loss Forms for the Self-Employed | Bizfluent

If you are self-employed, the type of operating structure you elect determines which form you use to report the profit and losses of your business. Timely filings help you avoid an IRS audit. The IRS imposes fines, interest and penalties for untimely business tax filings. If you earn income but are not subject to receiving a W-2, such as working under a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or...

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What Is Federal Withholding? | Bizfluent

Federal income tax is a form of tax that the federal government levies on personal income. Social Security and Medicare--also called FICA-- taxes are forms of payroll taxes that the federal government also imposes on income. Employees pay these federal payroll taxes via the withholding process. Notably, self-employed individuals pay these taxes as well, but are not subject to the actual...

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How Much Should Be Taken Out of My Paycheck for Taxes ...

The law requires employers to deduct taxes from their employees' paychecks. The employer is also responsible for paying these taxes. If these taxes are not paid timely and accurately, the employer or the employee can face penalties. The amount of taxes to deduct depends on the type of tax.

Federal Taxes

When getting hired, you must complete Form W-4, indicating the number of allowances...

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Rules for Consolidated Tax Returns | Bizfluent

A group of affiliated corporations can file a single consolidated tax return rather than multiple separate ones. Affiliated corporations are linked by a shared parent corporation and tied together by stock ownership. Filing a consolidated return lets the parent company uses losses from one firm to offset income at another. The accounting can become complex, so some companies opt to stick with...

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How to Get a Sales Tax ID Number in Florida | Bizfluent

Florida assigns an individual sales tax certificate number to a business to use as its sales tax ID number. The state requires the certificate number for certain businesses, which use it to collect, pay and report taxes and fees. Businesses use Florida's registration and application system to request a tax sales certificate number online, by mail or in person.

Sales Tax Certificate Number


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How to Calculate Sales Tax | Bizfluent

Sales tax is a percentage of the price a business charges for one or more products. If you have to pay 6 percent sales tax on a $100 purchase, for instance, your sales tax equals $6. Therefore, your total is $106.

Sales Tax Basics

The sales tax you pay is a combination of any city, state and state taxes. Typically, a state-based sales tax is most or all of the tax that you pay. According to the...

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When Do I Need to Submit Form W-4 to the IRS? | Bizfluent

IRS Form W-4 is a certificate that the federal tax agency requires all new employees to fill out and return to their employers. The W-4 lists the number of withholding allowances that the employee wishes to claim. The greater the number of allowances, the smaller the withholding amount. The W-4 also allows employees to claim exemption from withholding entirely. In the past, the IRS required...

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How to Order IRS Forms & Publications | Bizfluent

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers its forms and publications by U.S. Mail. After placing an order, it will take the IRS approximately one to two weeks to ship the desired forms and/or publications to you. Taxpayers are able to order up to 10 different forms and/or publications using the IRS' online order system. For each form ordered, requesting taxpayers will receive two copies and for...

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How to Correct an IRS Form 941 | Bizfluent

Employers use IRS Form 941 to report employee wages, tips, Social Security, Medicare and withholding taxes. The form is due quarterly, every April, July, November and January. If you discover you or your accountant made a calculation error or your software failed you, all is not lost. You can file Form 941-X to amend your return.

Step 1

Download and print Form 941-X from Simply type 941-X in the search box in the upper right and click "Go." It will appear first in the search results.

Step 2

Complete the entire top portion of Page 1. On the right side, check...

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