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Pay Federal Estimated Quarterly Taxes - QuickBooks Learn ...

When it comes time to pay your federal estimated quarterly taxes, you have 2 choices:

Mail payments. This option is free. We help you fill out a voucher--1040-ES--and tell you how to mail it.

Make payments online. If you upgrade to our Tax Bundle, you can make payments online directly from within our product.

Making payments online

The ability to pay your quarterly estimated taxes online through...

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New Jersey Payroll Tax Compliance - Intuit

New Jersey Payroll Tax Compliance

Use this information to ensure compliance with state payroll tax regulations. Find details on tax forms, withholdings, unemployment and other tax, e-file and pay information, general state and agency information, and employer registration.

Employer Report of Wages Paid

Filing Frequency

Due the 30th of the month following the end of the quarter.

W2's sent with...

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Sales tax in QuickBooks Online - QuickBooks Learn & Support

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Sales tax in QuickBooks Online

Great news! We've improved how sales tax is managed to make it easier for you to collect, report and pay your sales tax.


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Assisted Quick Tax Guide - QuickBooks Learn & Support

The QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted quick tax guide has two tables:

The timeline or schedule when federal and state tax form filings are due and visible in the Payroll Tax Center (PTC)

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted prepares and files your Federal and State payroll forms and provides you with secure access...

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