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Income Tax Extensions: Payments and Penalties Explained ...

Filing a tax extension gives you six extra months to file your tax return (5 months for certain business entities) But if you owe taxes, the IRS requires that you still pay by the original due date of your return (typically  April 17 for individuals  and  March 15 for businesses ).

This may seem a bit counterintuitive to many taxpayers. Isn't the whole point of getting a  tax extension  so...

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New York Business Income Tax Extensions | FileLater

File Your Business Tax Extension Now!

General Instructions

New York Filing Due Date: Corporation tax returns are due by March 15 (for calendar year filers) -- or within 2½ months following the end of your reporting period.

Extended Deadline with New York Tax Extension: New York offers a 6-month extension, which moves the corporation filing deadline to September 15 (for calendar year filers).

New York Tax Extension Form: To request a New York extension, file Form CT-5 by the original due date of your return. Note that Form CT-5 must be filed electronically via NY Online Services for Businesses:

New York...

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Business Tax Extensions | IRS Tax Form 7004 | FileLater

How It Works: Filing a Business Tax Extension

You're only a few minutes away from getting a 5-to-6-month tax extension for your business. Here's how to extend your IRS business income tax deadline using FileLater to e-file  Form 7004

Step 1:

Provide the business data the IRS requires for you to  file a tax extension . This includes the business name, address and Tax-ID/EIN. Prior year tax...

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How to Fill Out Tax Form 7004 | FileLater

Struggling to fill out Tax Form 7004? Here are some directions from the IRS that are intended to make it easier. If all of the  tax jargon is still too confusing, remember that you can take the easy route and e-file Form 7004 online in just minutes.

IRS Tax Form 7004 is the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns. Form 7004...

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Online IRS Tax Extension | FileLater

FileLater Benefits

Finish Your IRS Online Tax Extension in Minutes

We understand the tax code and tax jargon, so you don't have to. We make filing for a tax extension so easy that you'll finish and file your extension to the IRS in just a few minutes.

E-File with IRS Confirmation

We'll send your tax extension directly to the IRS. You'll get a confirmation email with the status of your tax...

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