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Taxes - Sending Payments to Treasury - Michigan

Sending Payments to Treasury


Taxpayers are required to meet certain obligations under Michigan law. You are responsible for filing a timely tax return. Payment of tax due must be received on or before April 15. If payment is late, penalty and interest will be added to your debt and will continue to accrue until the amount is paid in full. Use Estimate Penalty and Interest to calculate...

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2001-5 Delinquent Tax Revolving Funds Revisions to ...



a) ACCOUNT 007, CASH--NOTE PAYMENT RESERVE, provides a restricted cash account for a note reserve "fund," if the note payment reserve is established in the note resolution according to MCL 211.87d(6)(c). A portion of note proceeds is recorded in account 007 according to the resolution. The "purchase" of delinquent taxes is made from...

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Common Sales and Use Tax Exemptions and Requirements

Common Sales and Use Tax Exemptions and Requirements

501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) Organizations - 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations must provide proof that they are exempt under these codes by the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to this they must provide a certificate of exemption stating that the property will be used or consumed in carrying out the operations of the organization. Revenue...

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Taxes - Homestead Property Tax Credit - Michigan

FIP/MDHHS payments (Do not include food assistance)

Annual statement

Rent/Bills paid on your behalf

Statement from each person who gave assistance; include the total dollar amount given for the year, name, signature, date & contact information

Gifts of cash over $300

Statement from each person who gave assistance; include the total dollar amount given for the year, name, signature, date & contact...

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Taxes - Who Needs A Sales Tax License?

Who is required to have a sales tax license? - Individuals or businesses that sell tangible personal property to the final consumer need a sales tax license. An application for a sales tax license may be obtained on our web site . In order to register for sales tax, please follow the application process.

City/Local/County Sales Tax - Michigan has no city, local, or county sales tax. The state...

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Charitable Gaming - Federal Income Tax Withholding: Raffle ...

Federal Income Tax Withholding: Raffle Prizes

IDENTIFICATION: The winner of a single raffle prize of $600 or more must provide the organization with proper...

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MSHDA - Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), this program permits investors in affordable rental housing who are awarded the credit- corporations, banking institutions, and individuals - to claim a credit against their tax liability annually for a period of 10 years.

A Community Reinvestment Opportunity

Corporate investors in this program are able to receive the tax credit and may also...

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