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India: What is the process for online payment of income tax?

Refer to the following guide developed by

Online payment of Income Tax can be done through two mediums:

1. Income tax website of government.

2. Any Bank's website that provides Online Income tax payment facility for e.g. HDFC online tax payment and SBI Online payment portal. Also, paying taxes online through a bank website requires you to have an account with that...

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When is the last day to file the IT return (India)? - Quora

Ravit , Student at Faculty of Law, University of Delhi (2017-present)

Answered 90w ago · Author has 272 answers and 257k answer views

New Income Tax Return filing forms for AY 2016-17 are now available after getting notified on 30th March, 2016 by the Income Tax department. The income tax return filing forms are available here and can be easily downloaded.


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What is input tax credit? - Quora

Alok Srivastava , Techno Banking Professional at Punjab National Bank (1985-present)

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Input credit means at the time of paying tax on output, you can reduce the tax you have already paid on inputs.

Say, you are a manufacturer -

tax payable on output (FINAL PRODUCT) is Rs 450

tax paid on input (PURCHASES) is Rs 300

You can claim...

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How to calculate a used vehicle's sales tax in California ...

Answered 59w ago

The tax due on a sale of a vehicle is use tax and is the buyer's responsibility, unless you are a car dealer then is the responsibility of the dealer to collect the tax. The use tax is the counterpart of sales tax and the tax rate due is the rate in effect at the location where the vehicle is registered. CA Sales/Use tax varies by county and city and is anywhere from 7.25% to...

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How can one get a duplicate Income Tax Return (ITR ...

Anish Kataria , Bachelor of Commerce with Honours, Amity University (2020)

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How to download your ITR-V from the Department website?

Updated on

Aug 01, 2017 - 06:57:15 PM

Step 1.Go to and click on login here.

Step 2.Select the "View Returns/ Forms" option to see e-filed tax returns.

Step 3.Click...

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Income Tax in India: What is the penalty if you file your ...

Answered 131w ago

No penalty as such.,... Only you will have to pay interest under section 234A for delayed filing of return

Interest under section 234A is 1% p.m.(or part thereof) on the amount of your tax liability minus tds deducted and advance tax paid.

E.g. if your total tax liability comes to 1000 and you have already paid 500 as advance tax and 400 has been deducted as tds. So interest...

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Is there a free database to look up any company's EIN/tax ...

Answered 28w ago


There are several ways to find the ownership of a company if you have its EIN or Federal Tax Identification Number.

Check your identification number here- Identification Check

The Internal Revenue Service issues Employer Identification Numbers, also known as Federal Tax Identification Numbers, to businesses for identification purposes, similar to the use of Social Security...

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What's the best API to calculate sales tax within a modern ...

Updated 12w ago

Since this question still appears near the top of Google, I've decided to post some of my own research. Unfortunately, none of the services are perfect for our needs. is likely the most popular service, or at least shows up the most in my searches. It's rather inexpensive and will be fine for most smaller companies that only sell products. For us though, it didn't have...

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What is 26-AS statement in income tax? - Quora

Answered 41w ago

Thank you for A2A. Form 26AS is basically a summary of all tax paid by way of advance tax or Tax deducted at source or tax collected at source on your PAN.

All the advance taxes which you have paid quarterly are reflected in the Form 26AS along with date of such credit.

Similarly, TDS and TCS deducted by other parties and deposited are also reflected in Form 26AS after the...

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What is section 143 1a in Indian income tax act 1961? - Quora

Answered 20w ago

As per bare act

143. [1] Where a return has been made under section 139 , or in response to a notice under sub-section [1] of section 142 , such return shall be processed in the following manner, namely:--

[a] the total income or loss shall be computed after making the following adjustments, namely:--

[i] any arithmetical error in the return;



[ii] an incorrect claim, if...

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