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Independent Contractor in California: Estimated Quarterly ...

by burrypie

Hello everybody,

I recently graduated from dental school last year, worked for 3 months in 2013 and filed my taxes normally (the annual april tax date).

Since then I've been working in 2014, but didn't really realize I was supposed to pay quarterly an estimated tax.... (ya, I'm retarded) I contacted my tax person, and she said that I'm already late, and I should just put aside around 15% of my monthly...

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2018 Tax Calculator Self-Employed : tax -

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Paying taxes early : Rochester -

The local news stations have had a lot of stories about paying your 2018 taxes ahead of time since it might be beneficial to those who pay more than 10k a year or who itemize for 2017 but will take the standard deduction for 2018. D&C mentioned 12/29 that the county should have the tax...

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Scam check: Does the IRS really give back money like this ...

2 years ago

by [deleted]

My dad texted me yesterday saying that the IRS sent him a check for $18,000 saying there has been some kind of errors on his returns since 2006, so they returned...

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