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Sales Tax - Frequently Asked Questions - Louisiana Revenue

To what transactions is sales tax applied?

The state general sales and use tax is levied on the following transactions:

Sale of tangible personal property in this state.

Use, consumption, distribution, or storage for use or consumption in this state of any tangible personal property.

Lease or rental within this state of any item or article of tangible personal property.

Sales of...

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Home Page - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Prison inmate faces felony charges for years-long tax fraud scheme committed while behind bars...Continue Reading

BATON ROUGE - A former federal prison inmate faces state felony charges for an elaborate scheme, while he was behind bars, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent state income tax refunds.

John Michael McConnell ( booking photo ) was booked Friday into the East...

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Citizens Insurance Tax Credit - Louisiana Department of ...

This is not a credit for the total amount due on your insurance bill. Do not add your insurance premium to the LA Citizens assessments. If you are a customer of the Louisiana Citizens Insurance Corporation, and you paid the Tax Exempt Surcharge, this surcharge may not be claimed.

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When can the credit be claimed?

The credit may only be...

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Citizens Insurance Tax Credit - Louisiana Department of ...

Click here for Form 540-INS - Request for Refund of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Assessment

How do I determine the amount of the credit?

Premium notices that include LA Citizens assessments due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are eligible for the credit. The LA Citizens assessments are listed separately from the normal premium amount on the declaration...

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Corporation EFile - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Corporation Income Extension Information

The Corporation E-file program provides the following:

Electronic filing for the Louisiana corporation income and franchise tax return with the federal income tax return in a single electronic transmission.

Electronic filing for the Louisiana corporation income and franchise tax return alone.

Single point User Authentication by IRS.

Ability to submit schedules and documentation as PDF attachments.

Ability to...

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Motor Vehicle Lease/Rental Sales Tax - Louisiana ...

What to Bring When Visiting LDR

Electronic Filing Required for Dealers Who Lease or Rent Motor Vehicles

Because this information is not separately reported on the sales tax return, Form R-1029 , the Department has adopted Emergency Rule LAC 61:III.1511 to require dealers that collect sales tax on motor vehicle leases or rentals to file their sales tax returns...

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Louisiana File Online - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Louisiana File Online

Individual Tax Options

Business Tax Options

Click LaTAP button above to access your business tax account information online with options to update addresses & make payments (also many tax forms can...

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E-Services - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Where's My Refund?

Taxpayers may check the status of their individual income tax return refunds via the Department's "Where's My Refund?" page or by using the Department's automated telephone system (dial 1-888-829-3071 toll-free, or 225-922-3270 for the Baton Rouge area)....

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Louisiana Administrative Code - Louisiana Department of ...

Amending the Rule Concerning the State Sales Tax Exemption for Mardi Gras Specialty Items



LAC 61:I.4418

Amending the Rule Concerning the State and Local Sales Tax Exemption for Sales by Certain Nonprofit Organizations at Fund-raising Events



LAC 61:I.4420

Amending the Rule Concerning the Exemption From State and Local Sales Tax for Certain Trucks, Trailers, and...

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Resale Certificate - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Buyer's Business Name:


Enter your sales tax account number (Seller's LA Account Number) as it appears on your sales tax registration certificate.

Next, enter your business name (Seller's Business Name) as it appears on your sales tax registration certificate.

Press "Enter."

Once your account number has been confirmed, the resale certificate validation screen ...

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