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New York Provides Guidance Regarding MCTMT | Deloitte US - Tax

In May 2009, Governor Paterson signed into law the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MCTMT). The MCTMT is a new 0.34 percent tax imposed on the payroll expense of employers and the net earnings of self-employed individuals engaging in business within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD). The MCTD includes the counties of New York (Manhattan), Bronx, Kings...

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Nevada Governor signs new "commerce tax" into law ...

Nevada Governor signs new "commerce tax" into law

Nevada commerce tax

If enacted into law, effective on July 1, 2015,6 SB 483 would impose a new annual "commerce tax" for the privilege of "engaging in a business"7 in Nevada.8 The tax would apply on an entity-by-entity basis on "each business entity whose 'Nevada gross revenue' in a taxable year exceeds  $4,000,000."9 For this purpose, the term...

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TASC Car - Deloitte Company Car Calculator | Deloitte ...

Deloitte has developed a company car tax calculator enabling you to assess the impact of providing for (Employer) or having a company car or mobility allowance at...

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Canadian tax rates archive - Deloitte Canada

Canadian tax rates archive

A quick way to access the past and current tax rate tables for individuals and corporations.

Please refer to our tables below for federal, provincial and territorial tax rates in effect for individuals and corporations, as well as annual contributions to deferred income plans and international tax treaty rates, with access to PDF files.

2018 Canadian tax rate tables

2018 International tax treaty rates (updated to December 31, 2017)

2017 Canadian tax rate tables

2017 International tax treaty rates  (updated to May 31, 2017)

2016 Canadian tax rate tables


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