2017 Tax Filing Dates for Corporation Tax, Personal Income ...

Sales Tax Return for Quarterly Filers Due

Note: For New York C Corporation fiscal year filers, the returns are due 3 and 1/2 months after the end of the fiscal year. For New York S Corporation fiscal year filers, the returns are due 2 and 1/2 months after the end of the fiscal year.

For New York C Corporation fiscal year filers, the Mandatory First Installment (MFI) of estimated tax is due, with...

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File Old Tax Returns – 2015 payroll tax due dates

3rd Quarter 2015 Estimated Tax Payment Due. If you are self-employed or have other third-quarter income that requires you to pay quarterly estimated taxes, make sure your third quarter payment is postmarked by Sept. 15, 2015.

October 15, 2015 ��

Extended Individual Tax Returns Due . If you got a filing extension on your 2014 tax return, you need to get it completed and postmarked by October...

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Filing a Tax Return in Texas

Tax Refund

Filing a Tax Return

Tax return is a form that is filed by all individuals with the minimum set income level as well as corporations, estates, trusts and partnerships and so on. On the federal level they are directed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), on the state level - to appropriate state authorities. Tax returns are prepared using the forms of IRS.


There is a number of...

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Corporate Income Tax - Illinois Department of Revenue

35 ILCS 5/101 to 5/1701


The Illinois Income Tax is imposed on every corporation earning or receiving income in Illinois. The tax is calculated by multiplying net income by a flat rate. The Illinois Income Tax is based, to a large extent, on the federal income tax code.

Tax rate

Use the Tax Rate Database to determine the income and replacement tax rates.

Tax base

The starting point for...

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Property Tax Alternative Payment Options - pinellas county tax

Property Tax Alternative Payment Options Brenna Haggar 2017-11-20T12:02:45+00:00

Property Tax Alternative Payment Options

Installment Payment Plan

The installment plan allows taxpayers to pay their real estate property taxes in four installments throughout the year. For many taxpayers, splitting their tax bill into four smaller payments is a helpful way to manage their household budget....

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Real Estate Taxes - Monroe County Tax Collector

AD Valorem Tax Collection

Ad Valorem taxes on real property are collected by the Tax Collector on an annual basis, beginning on November 1st for the year January through December. It is the responsibility of each taxpayer to ensure that his/her taxes are paid and that a tax bill is received.

The Property Appraiser's Office establishes the assessed value of a property and The Board of County...

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Key Dates for 2015 American Tax Year - Taxback.com

Key Dates for 2015 American Tax Year

9th Oct 2014 at 00:00

#TaxTipsUSA #TravelTipsUSA

An old joke amongst US accountants is that every month that has a 15th in it holds some kind of tax deadline, but a quick glance at the list below renders it less of a joke and more of an understatement! Here is a concise guide to all the important days in the American tax calendar, the dates they fall on this...

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Tax Bill information - Welcome to Broward County!

Tax Payments

When are taxes due and when do they become delinquent?

All property taxes become due November 1st, must be paid no later than March 31st, and become delinquent if not paid before April 1st, Discounts are applied to tax bills paid in full between November 1st, and February 28th, (November 4%; December 3%; January 2%; February 1%).

Tax payments for current tax bills are posted...

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RITA Municipality - Grove City - Regional Income Tax Agency

2106 Business Expenses are limited to the amount deductible for federal tax purposes.


Individuals under 18 years of age are exempt from paying municipal income tax.


Amounts under $10.01 will not be collected or refunded.� The $10.01 de minimis threshold does not apply to amounts required to be withheld by employers.�


Quarterly payments of estimated tax are required if the anticipated amount due is $200 or more.


Lottery and gambling winnings are taxable - no minimum. Gambling losses may not offset...

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Part 4 - Account Reporting, Section 2 - Tax, Unemployment ...

B. Internet Tax and Wage Reporting

There is a web site available for employers to file their Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance tax and wage report. A payment coupon will be provided to submit with the tax due or payment can be made through ETF. The web site address is http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/uitax and click on "File Tax and Wage Reports".

One advantage...

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kccpa.com - McRuer CPAs: Business and individual tax ...

Tax Deductions for Alimony are Disappearing: Find out why .

New Tax Scam Alert: Fake Refund Checks. Don't spend it if you receive it. Click here for more.

Employers! Tax Reform Income Tax Withholding Tables Now Ready. Find out more .

2017 Tax Filing Launches January 29. Read More .

New! What The Tax Reform Bill Means For Individuals. Click here for info.

New! How Tax Overhaul Would Change...

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Filing & Paying Sales Tax in Texas - Avalara

Let's take a deeper look at how filing Texas sales tax returns impacts your business.

What does it mean to file an Texas sales tax return?

Technically speaking, filing Texas sales tax returns is a two-step process comprised of submitting the required sales data and remitting the collected tax dollars (if any) to state and local tax authorities.

In most states, there are a number of options for...

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Tax & Finance – Welcome to Whitehouse, Ohio

I am a Whitehouse resident and work in an area with no municipal tax or a rate less than Whitehouse's rate of 1.5%. How often must I file with Whitehouse?��

Ask your employer to withhold the additional local tax to Whitehouse. The additional tax is considered an alternate tax due as a result of working in a city that has a tax rate less than your city of residence. Your employer is not...

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Tax Reform Alert: IRS Issues Guidance On Pre-Paying Real ...

Tax Reform Alert: IRS Issues Guidance On Pre-Paying Real Estate Taxes Before Year-End

by Rich Vetstein on December 28, 2017 · 1 comment

in Massachusetts Real Estate Law , Real Estate Taxes

Taxpayers Rushing To Claim Deductibility Of Real Estate Taxes -- Prepayment Should Be OK 

As I wrote in my overview of the recently signed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 (Tax Reform Act), for 2018, Massachusetts...

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