6 Tax Guidelines for E-Commerce Transactions in the ...


SUBJECT: Reiterating Taxpayers' Obligations in Relation to Online Business Transactions

TO : All Internal Revenue Officers, Employees and Others Concerned

I. Background

Given the continuing advances in information technology, the internet has become the vogue medium not only for business advertisements but also for the conduct of online business...

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Can We File Jointly If I Have a W-2 & He Has a 1099 ...

Married couples can choose to file jointly or file separately. Filing separately is not the same as single: Separate married filers above a certain income level pay higher tax rates than singles. Joint filing offers better rates than either, and it qualifies you for several tax credits that separate filers can't use. If you live apart from your spouse and care for a child, you may also qualify for "head of household," which gives you more tax breaks than filing separately.

Estimated Taxes

Filing a joint return if your...

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Where Is My Tax Refund 2016? How To Check The Status Of ...

By Lydia Tomkiw @lydiatomkiw On

03/31/16 AT 7:45 AM

A security camera hangs near a corner of the IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C., May 27, 2015. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

As accountants across the U.S. see a boom in business and everyone scrambles to collect the proper paperwork, those of you who have already filed your taxes might be expecting to see some money back.

If you file by paper, it can take up to four weeks to find out if the IRS�owes you money. For those of you filing online, you will be able to find out�within 24 hours�of receiving your e-filed tax return. Here are the easy steps to finding out about your tax refund.


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TurboTax | Scotiabank

Enjoy an exclusive savings of up to 25% on TurboTax products! Just answer simple questions about your tax situation and get your 2017 tax return done quickly, easily and with 100% accuracy.

Get your maximum refund - If you're getting a refund this year, we'll make sure it's the biggest one you deserve, guaranteed.

File with Confidence - At the end of your tax return, right before you file, we'll double check every entry for errors and...

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Retirement Calculator | Paychex

The Power of Time & Compounding

What is Compounding?

In simple terms, compounding means that you will earn interest not only on your 401(k) contributions, but also on any interest you've already earned. As a result, the earlier you start to contribute to your 401(k), the more powerful the compounding effect becomes, and the faster your 401(k) will grow.

Save a Little--Earn a Lot

Even small...

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Sales Tax | Avon, CO - Official Website

For assistance registering your account, obtaining a license or remitting your sales tax call (888) 751-1911 or email� support@munirevs.com .�


A 4% tax is imposed upon the gross receipts of all retail sales and sales of personal property within the boundaries of the Town.

The tax is also imposed on amounts paid for all meals furnished at restaurants, upon lodging services and upon...

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Sessions & Speakers | Vertex Exchange


Sessions & Speakers

Vertex Exchange offers opportunities to learn about timely topics, to hear from compelling speakers, to have lively conversations--and make ever-stronger connections. Together, we're addressing the challenges--and achieving the full potential--of tax.

We'll be leading tax forward through breakthrough thinking. A stronger tax community. Greater strategic impact. And...

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18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018 | MoneyTips

18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018

18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018

Save on your 2017 Taxes with these Deductions

Tax Returns Taxes

February 5, 2018

Congratulations! You made it through another year. What better way to start 2018 than with 18 great money-saving tax deductions? Use them to save money on your 2017 taxes while you still can, because this is the last year for many of them due to the Tax...

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Vehicle ownership - KWB Chartered Professional Accountants ...

Refunds that CRA will not pay

If you are late filing your corporate tax return by more than three years, any overpayment is considered statute barred under the Canadian Income Tax Act (Section 164(1)). This means that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will not issue the refund to the corporation. In addition, the corporation cannot apply for tax payer relief to

Mar 17 2015

Applying for a Business...

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Household Employer - Employment Development Department


Google[TM] Translate Disclaimer

This Google[TM] translation feature, provided on the Employment Development Department (EDD) website, is for informational purposes only.

The web pages currently in English on the EDD website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the EDD provides. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding...

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TaxTips.ca - Family Caregiver Amount for Infirm Children ...

Child Amount Tax Credit

Ads keep this website free for you.

TaxTips.ca does not research or endorse any product or service appearing in ads on this site.  Before making a major financial decision you  should consult a qualified professional.

Looking for US tax information?

See USTaxTips.net

Need an accounting, tax or financial advisor? Look in our...

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Local Sales Tax Registration Application - LAOTA

Local Sales Tax Registration Application

Who must file?

Each person pursuing any trade, profession, vocation, calling, or business should complete this form.� Each person is required to keep reasonable records.� Separate records are required for each place of business.

Sales and use tax - Any individual firm, corporation, trust, co-partnership, joint venture, association, this state, city or...

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Try TaxTron T2 for Free! - TaxTron

Try TaxTron T2 for Free!

TaxTron T2 comes in a Professional version and a NETFILE version.

TaxTron T2 for NETFILE is designed for taxpayers who want to file their own corporate tax return. To electronically file your own corporate return, you will need a web access code (WAC). A WAC can be obtained directly from within the TaxTron software when you attempt to electronically file the return or by calling Canada Revenue at 1-800-959-2803.

If you're a tax...

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How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund Back?

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund Back?




A common question heard at tax time is "how long does it take to get my refund back?" Consumers, especially those struggling in tough economic times, look forward to the financial boost that a tax refund gives. The good news is that the IRS provides the necessary tools that make finding the...

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10X Investments | Funds & Retirement Annuity | South Africa

10X calculator assumptions & disclaimers

Fees are the only difference between the "Industry" and 10X projections.

The fees used in the projections are inclusive of VAT. The investment referred to as "Industry" is assumed to charge total fees of 3% including VAT per annum. Morningstar's Global Fund Investor Experience 2015 study shows that the average total expense ratio is 1.63% pa (which...

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Retirement Annuity | 10X Investments | South Africa

10X calculator assumptions & disclaimers

Fees are the only difference between the "Industry" and 10X projections.

The fees used in the projections are inclusive of VAT. The investment referred to as "Industry" is assumed to charge total fees of 3% including VAT per annum. Morningstar's Global Fund Investor Experience 2015 study shows that the average total expense ratio is 1.63% pa (which...

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Living Annuity | 10X Investments | South Africa

10X calculator assumptions & disclaimers

Fees are the only difference between the "Industry" and 10X projections.

The fees used in the projections are inclusive of VAT. The investment referred to as "Industry" is assumed to charge total fees of 3% including VAT per annum. Morningstar's Global Fund Investor Experience 2015 study shows that the average total expense ratio is 1.63% pa (which...

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EIN Number Vs. Tax Exempt Number: What Is The Difference?

Many people confuse an EIN number with a tax exempt number, or believe that the two numbers are interchangeable. In fact, they are two completely separate and different numbers.

An EIN number is a federal tax identification number issued by the IRS and is used to identify businesses and other entities operating in the United States. Generally, an EIN number is used to file various IRS business...

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How Social Security works for the self-employed | Investopedia

How Social Security works for the self-employed

By Amy Fontinelle | Updated March 16, 2018 -- 4:09 PM EDT


When you work as an employee for someone else, that company or organization takes Social Security taxes out of your paycheck and sends the money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) . In 2018, the Social Security tax rate is 6.2%, plus 1.45% for Hospital Insurance (commonly known as...

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Estimated Tax Payments - thismatter.com

For instance, the annualized factor for the 3rd period would be 1.5 = 12 / 8 because the 3rd estimated tax period ends on August 31 so that the estimated tax payment can be made by September 15. If a taxpayer earned $20,000 up to August 31, then the annualized income would be = $20,000 × 12/8 = $20,000 × 1.5 = $30,000. Because the 2nd estimated tax period ends on May 31, the applicable...

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What’s been happening to corporation tax? - Institute For ...

Onshore receipts to return to 2010 levels despite rate cuts

Onshore corporation tax receipts are set to fall by 0.3% of national income between 2017-18 and 2021-22. At that point, they would, if the forecast proves correct, be at the same share of national income as in 2010-11. This may be surprising given that the main corporation tax rate has been cut from 28% in 2010 to 20% in 2015, 19% this...

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IRS Payment Plan If You Can't Pay Your Taxes - Consumer ...

Already a member?� Sign In

Welcome to Consumer Reports.

We're so glad to have you as a member. You now have access to benefits that can help you choose right, be safe and stay informed.

Consider an IRS Payment Plan If You Can't Pay Your Taxes

File your forms by April 18 and then consider the payment options

By Aimee Picchi

Last updated: April 13, 2017


Yes, send me a copy of this...

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MyDORWAY is the SCDOR's 24/7,�online service to register your business, file tax returns, make payments, calculate penalties and interest, and view related correspondence. MyDORWAY has replaced eSales, ePay, and eWithholding, and more�taxes will be added to MyDORWAY each year!

� �Why use MyDORWAY?

Get it right the first time

Reduce errors with MyDORWAY's automatic calculations

Never submit an incomplete return

Manage your SC tax accounts with ease

File and pay separately

Plan ahead by scheduling payments

Manage all of your SC tax accounts from one login

Stay organized and save time

View electronic copies...

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TurboTax Support Contact Us Page – Get Help from TurboTax

TurboTax PLUS Features and pricing are subject to change without notice.

A big head start on this year's taxes Import prior-year data from TurboTax and other major brands of tax software. We'll find tax deductions and credits based on what we already know about you so you finish your taxes faster and get the maximum refund you deserve.

Unlimited access to your completed TurboTax returns Always...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. Taxpayers can often get a tax refund on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim. (Tax refunds are often paid after the end of the tax...

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When will I get my Tax Rebate? - TTR Barnes

A Tax Rebate is a refund of tax due because you have paid too much tax (More often known as a refund in the real world!)  It's sometimes tricky to work out if you are due one and how and when you might get it, as the payment isn't always immediate.   Here's a quick lowdown on what to expect with tax rebates.

Who can get a Tax Rebate?

If you have paid too much tax on your pension income



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Tax Obligations for Non-Resident Directors - IRAS

Scenario 3: Remuneration received in the capacity as a board director and executive director

Scenario 1: Remuneration Received in the Capacity as a Board Director

Receive director's remuneration (excluding gains from stock option/other share ownership plans (ESOP/ESOW) in the capacity as a� non-resident director �of a company which is a tax resident in Singapore.


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UK - Income Tax | KPMG | GLOBAL

rental income

trust income: and,

certain gains from offshore funds which do not report any arising income (i.e. it is all rolled up within the fund and reflected in an increased unit value) are also subject to income tax

Other types of income and capital receipts may also be subject to U.K. income taxes but are outside the scope of this document.

Employment income is taxable when received, or...

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§ 501 Corporations subject to and exempt from franchise tax.

(a) Every telegraph, telephone or cable company, every electric company organized for the production and/or distribution of light, heat or power, every company organized for the purpose of producing and/or distributing steam, heat or power, every company organized for the purpose of the production...

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tax lien sale - Montgomery County, Maryland


June 12, 2017


The Montgomery County tax sale program enables the County to collect all unpaid and delinquent property taxes as required by statute. Legal references for this program are provided in the Tax Property Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, 2012 Replacement Volume, as amended. All unpaid taxes on real property constitute a...

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Small Business Tax Guide 2018 - Business News Daily

Small Business Taxes: What to Expect in 2018

By Matt D'Angelo, B2B Staff Writer

March 20, 2018 07:52 am EST


Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

The recent tax legislation mean small businesses everywhere are getting a break on their taxes. The legislation, which is one of the most significant tax overhauls passed in decades, provides pass-through businesses and corporate entities with lower...

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Business Expenses for Tax Deduction - Canada Business Tax

You can deduct all ordinary commercial insurance premiums you incur on any buildings, machinery, and equipment you use in your business.

The insurance costs related to motor vehicles have to be claimed as Motor vehicle expenses.

The insurance costs related to business use of work space in your home have to be claimed as business-use-of-home expenses. See Business-use-of-home expenses.

You cannot...

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FinAid | Saving for College | State Tax Deductions for 529 ...

Many states give the account owner a full or partial state income tax deductions for their contributions to the state's section 529 plans. So far a total of 34 states and the District of Columbia offer such a deduction.

California, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee currently have state income taxes but do not offer a state income tax...

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Required Filings and Due Dates - edd.ca.gov

Report of Independent Contractor(s) (DE 542)

Any business or government entity that is required to file a federal Form 1099-MISC for services received from an independent contractor is required to report specific independent contractor information to the EDD. This information will be used to locate parents who are delinquent in their child support obligations.

You are required to report...

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Date: 2018-02-05 23:19:58
Website: http://www.edd.ca.gov

Get A Bigger Tax Refund In 2016 By Claiming These Credits ...

Between holiday parties and travel plans this month, schedule some time to reflect on 2015. If you fit into one or more of the following categories, you can save big bucks by taking advantage of the corresponding end-of-year tax strategies.

Average U.S. Individual Tax Refunds by State (2014) | InsideGov

The Enterprisers

"The freelance economy seems to be where a lot of millennials end up, and...

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Taxation in Australia - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

When the first Governor, Governor Phillip , arrived in New South Wales in 1788, he had a Royal Instruction that gave him power to impose taxation if the colony needed it. The first taxes in Australia were raised to help pay for the completion of Sydney's first gaol and provide for the orphans of the colony. Import duties were put on spirits, wine and beer and later on luxury...

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Date: 2018-04-03 05:22:57
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Residency Status | Virginia Tax

Virginia law imposes individual income tax filing requirements on virtually all Virginia residents, as well as on nonresidents who receive income from Virginia sources. The correct method for filing your income tax return and reporting Virginia taxable income depends on your residency status. Following the brief definitions shown below, we've provided additional details about each�residency...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:33:07
Website: https://www.tax.virginia.gov

What are the income tax rates in canada - Answers.com

The federal income tax rates for Canada are as follows:

15% on the portion from [$0 - $42,707]

22% on the portion from [$42,707 - $85,414]

26% on the portion from [$85,414 - $132,406]

29% on the portion [$132,406 +]

The provincial rates differ in each province. See the related link from Canada Revenue Agency for more information.

5 people found this useful

What is the highest income tax rate in...

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RRSP Withdrawal Income Tax Estimator | Calculate Income ...

Total income equals the sum of your Employment Income, Other Income and Eligible Pension Income.

RRSP Withdrawal

This is the amount you have withdrawn, or plan to withdraw, from your RRSP or your spouse's or common-law partner's RRSP plan. This calculator assumes your withdrawal is made as a single withdrawal. If you make multiple withdrawals, then the amount of Withholding Tax Deducted may be...

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26 CFR 1.1502-75 - Filing of consolidated returns. | US ...

§ 1.1502-75 Filing of consolidated returns .

(a)Privilege of filing consolidated returns -

(1)Exercise of privilege for first consolidated return year. A group which did not file a consolidated return for the immediately preceding taxable year may file a consolidated return in lieu of separate returns for the taxable year , provided that each corporation which has been a member during any part...

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Date: 2018-02-28 15:19:30
Website: https://www.law.cornell.edu

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Posted on Feb 10, 2012 By James Sutton


A little noticed new law went into effect on May 31, 2011 that requires manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who sell alcohol beverages or tobacco products to retailers to provide annual sales information to the Florida Department of...

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Date: 2017-09-09 00:27:27
Website: http://www.floridasalestax.com

How to estimate your tax refund - CNET

Software Leer en español

How to estimate your tax refund

Before filing your taxes, get an estimate of how big a refund you will receive or how much you owe.


Matt Elliott

March 30, 2016 1:23 PM PDT

With the calendar soon turning to April, it's time for all procrastinators to start thinking about filing their taxes.

This year, you have until Monday, April 18 to submit your tax return, thanks...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:33:56
Website: https://www.cnet.com

Tax refund - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

According to the Internal Revenue Service , 77% of tax returns filed in 2004 resulted in a refund check , with the average refund check being $2,100. [1] In 2011, the average tax refund was $2,913. [2] [3] Taxpayers may choose to have their refund directly deposited into their bank account , have a check mailed to them, or have their refund applied to the following year's...

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Date: 2018-04-03 19:18:18
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

Payment Options - Voluntary Compliance Initiative 2 (VCI 2 ...

Tax Deposit for Individuals

When you make your payment, you must identify your payment as a tax deposit.

If you use the Web Pay option, you must file your Participation Agreement and amended return by fax at 916.845.9000 at the same time you make your payment.

Note: If you are a mandatory e-pay taxpayer, you must make electronic payments using Web Pay.

You will need the following to use Web...

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Website: ftb.ca.gov

Overview of charging and collecting sales tax - Canada ...

Only Applies to : Quebec

Is your business based in Quebec? If so, learn about your fiscal obligations including taxes and deductions.

How do I report and send GST/HST to the government?

Once you are registered for GST/HST , Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ) will assign you a reporting period; you file a GST/HST return for each reporting period. On your GST/HST return, you will be required to enter...

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Website: https://canadabusiness.ca

Federal Income Tax Brackets 2018



The standard deduction, which Federal has, is a deduction that is available by default to all taxpayers who do not instead choose to file an itemized deduction. Essentially, it translates to $12,000.00 per year of tax-free income for single Federal taxpayers, and $24,000.00 for those filing jointly.

The Personal Exemption, which is not supported by the Federal income tax, is an...

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Website: tax-brackets.org

Frequently Asked Questions - San Diego County, California

How do I get my monthly payments lowered?

Revenue and Recovery cannot change monthly payments set by court order. Contact an attorney for assistance in petitioning the court to obtain a modified order. Upon receipt of the modified order, Revenue and Recovery will adjust the monthly payment terms.


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Website: https://www.sandiegocounty.gov

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Alberta business taxes for sole proprietorships ...

Home ��/�� Starting your business ��/�� Getting started ��/��Alberta business taxes for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations

Alberta business taxes for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations

You must pay provincial and federal taxes on your business income. Income from sole proprietorships and partnerships is taxed as personal income. Corporations must file their own separate taxes. You must also take deductions from your employees' pay for Canada Pension Plan, Employment...

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Date: 2018-04-05 20:55:41
Website: http://businesslink.ca

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How Washington State Business Taxes work - WA B&O Tax



So if you're in the service and sales category, you owe $15 for every $1,000 of income. That may sound high to some of you, but compare to income tax in other states. Let's say you live in Idaho where there's an 8% personal income tax. You'll pay a CPA to file your tax return with the IRS, pay somewhere between 20-25% to the IRS, and then pay another 8% to the Idaho Department...

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Website: https://www.washingtonregisteredagent.net

Be Prepared for Higher Medicare Premiums | Coastal.Tax ...

Clients may not realize that Medicare premiums can change from year to year based on their reported income. If they had a good year in 2014, they may see higher premiums in 2016.

Now that tax returns for 2014 have been filed and forgotten, you might take one more look at them for your over-­63 clients to see how their 2014 income will affect their 2016 Medicare premiums. If adjusted gross income...

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Website: https://coastal.tax