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To compute the withholding tax, use the Virginia Employer Withholding Tables .

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualified Employers and Employees

What is a household employer? What does it mean to have household employer status?

A household employer is an individual who employs 1�or more people solely for the purpose of domestic service in the home of the employer. For Virginia purposes, "household...

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Canadian Tax Year - Key Dates

Get your key dates for the Canadian tax year in our calendar

This calendar should help familiarize you with Canada's key tax deadlines:

01 January 2018

First day of new tax year.

15 March 2018, 15 June 2018, 15 September 2018, 15 December 2018

Installment payments due dates for 2016.

E-filing open for resident and immigrants in Canada for 2017 tax year.

�Last day to issue T4s, T4As...

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