In general, capital gains made by a non-resident are assessable only in relation to taxable Australian property , including real�property and land-rich�Australian companies. A land-rich company has more than 50% of its�asset value in land.

Comparable treatment is available for interests held through a fixed trust.

Non-final withholding tax on taxable Australian property transactions


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Superannuation contributions and the CGT cap | Money ...

He is eligible to claim the 15-year CGT exemption, which will enable him to disregard the entire capital gain.�

He did not make any NCCs in the previous two financial years and has not used up any of his CGT cap. Steve is able to invest the full sale proceeds of $1.5 million in super without exceeding the caps.

To do this he will claim the full CGT cap of $1.255 million and the remaining...

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Date: 2018-04-05 23:38:42

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