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Arizona Sales and Use Tax

What is the Arizona sales tax? � �5.6%

Click for larger image The Arizona sales tax rate is currently 5.6%. In Arizona, each county, city and special district can add sales taxes on top of the state rate.

Taxes in Arizona are origin-based, meaning the Arizona sales tax rate is based, or determined from, the location where a sale originates

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Sales Tax Nexus Defined - Learn all about Nexus

What Happens if I have Sales Tax Nexus?

If you have sales tax nexus in a state, then you must collect sales tax from buyers in that state.

This means you must determine the sales tax rate in that state, plus any local sales tax that might apply. For example, the sales tax rate in Beverly Hills (90210) is 9%. That includes a California state rate of 6.5%, plus a Los Angeles County rate of 1% and a...

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