Revealed: One in four of UK's top companies pay no tax ...

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Tax campaigner Richard Murphy said that the research showed the Government needed to look again at tax rules: 'Every one of these companies thinks it's worthwhile being based in the UK - there is profit to be made. But our tax rules are letting them off paying because it's so easy to offset costs here. It's time to look at why we are so generous.'

Figures from HM Revenue...

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Completing your Tax Return – the basics « TaxAid

Many people find the tax return form daunting. But in most cases, you only need to complete a small number of the boxes on the return. HMRC is encouraging people to file returns using the self assessment on-line system, but you may still file a paper return - though the filing date is earlier in the year (for the 2016-17 return it is 31 October 2017, compared to 31 January 2018 for on-line...

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Marginal tax rates in 2015-16 (UK Finance Act 2015) | ACCA ...

Marginal tax rates in 2015-16 (UK Finance Act 2015)

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In 2015 - 2016, a person with an income of £121,200 or more is not entitled to any personal allowance. David Harrowven explains the impact this will have on individuals

Studying this technical article and answering the related questions can count towards your verifiable CPD if you are following the unit route to CPD and the content...

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* Sales tax (Business) - Definition,meaning - Online ...

in Andalucia, Spain

by Stiofan Mac

The tax applicable to the sale and purchase of property in Spain varies according to the autonomous region in which the sale/purchase takes place.

Sales load See: Sales charge ~

A percentage tax on the selling price of goods and services. Sales-type lease The leasing out of a firm's own equipment, such as a printing company leasing its own presses, thereby...

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Capital gains tax on your investments - Just Retirement

Capital Gains Tax

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Essentially capital gains are profits you make on 'assets' you've sold. Assets can be all kinds of things - from houses and  jewellery to stocks and shares. HMRC looks to tax you on the 'gain' you make when you sell these assets as Capital Gains Tax.

Two things are important to note about Capital Gains Tax. Firstly it's a tax on the gain you make, not...

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How to complete a tax return |

If you are employed and have to fill in a tax return, then you will need your P60 form which you should have been given by your employer.

This states your earnings for the year. You will also need your P11D form which shows your company benefits for the year, which again you should have been given by your employer.

You will also need your payslips and details of any share options you might have....

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Tax Office Contact Number - HMRC 0843 487 1818

Midnight 31 January 2018

Commercial software tools, designed to assist with self-assessment:

There are three kinds of commercial software packages available, supporting the different types of tax return, including the -

SA100 - aimed at individuals (including those who are self-employed)

SA800 - accommodating partnership tax returns

SA900 - outlining Trust and Estate tax returns

Please note that...

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Accounting and Tax - Healy Consultants

Accounting and Tax

Accounting and Tax

In every country in the world, Healy Consultants will legally minimize our Clients' accounting, auditing, and tax obligations. Specifically:

We prepare annual financial statements and tax returns;

We efficiently discharge monthly and quarterly government reporting including VAT, GST, payroll;

Where legally possible, we fight for audit exemption;

We plan for...

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Calculate the Sales Tax in the United Kingdom (VAT) for ...

The sales tax on goods and services in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is a value added tax (VAT) . There are three rates on the value added tax in Great-Britain and Northern Ireland: the standard rate, reduced rate and zero rate. Each rate contains a category of goods and services.

The standard rate gathers alcoholic and some non alcoholic drinks, secondary...

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Tax and property investment - Money Advice Service

Tax and property investment

You can invest in property in two ways - directly or indirectly. Both ways involve some complicated financial issues, and one of those is tax. You should do your best to minimise tax to get the most out of your investment.

Indirect property investments

Property investment explained

Direct property investment means you buy all or part of the property yourself. Property...

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Property Tax Advice inc. Capital Allowances - STax UK

May 2016

Buy to Let or Furnished Holiday Let?

Making the most out of your investment property - With 2016's reduction of tax relief for buy to let properties, the healthy profits you once saw on your buy to let investment (B2L) might seem a thing of the past...

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Not all tax advisers are equal. Why you should choose STAX?



"STAX has worked...

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Cyprus Company Incorporation | €950 - Company Set Up

Tax Incentives

Cyprus has a significantly upgraded image as a jurisdiction since its EU Accession on 1 May 2004.

With the enactment of its New Tax Legislation on 1 January 2003 (including 3 amending laws, the last one in November 2004) and the abolition of the "offshore regime", Cyprus has put a simplified, effective and transparent tax system in place that is fully EU, OECD, FATF and FSF...

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Is Sales Discount revenue or expense -

Sales discount is not an expense account, but is also a deduction to an income statement. It is just a contra account of a revenue account particularly a sales revenue account.

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When is revenue recognised for consignment sales?

Revenue is recognized for consignment sales by the supplier after the retailer (whom the goods were delivered on consigmnet to) has sold those...

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SEIS Calculator



Anticipated return (multiple of investment 0 x is complete failure, 1 x is return of original investment, more than 1 x is a multiple of original investment)



Income tax relief

Capital gains tax re-investment relief

therefore, net cost of investment

% of original gross investment

plus, Capital gains tax deferred


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Date: 2018-03-16 17:20:06

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Business Customers | Company Car Drivers | Toyota UK

As a company car driver we understand you are liable to company car tax. At Toyota all our models deliver low cost of ownership whilst our 7 petrol full hybrid models deliver exceptionally low emissions and tax. 

We also offer a range of tools designed to support company car drivers and whatever you choose you will be supported by our dedicated Business Centre network.

As a company car driver we...

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