2017-2018 Tax Calculator | India Annual Salary Tax Calculator

2017-2018 Tax Calculator

Know your income tax in India for the financial year 2017 - 2018. This India annual salary tax calculator helps you to calculate your taxable income in just one...

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Latest Income tax slabs for FY 2018-2019 | financeminister.in

BUDGET 2018-2019 Special

Latest Updates - -The latest income tax slabs for 2018-2019 can be found here - Income tax slabs 2018-19 .

-The latest free income tax calculator to calculate your latest tax and to compare your tax...

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Income Tax Software 2017-18 - CET Notification Online ...

Income Tax Software FY 2017-18 for AP Teachers & Employees�

� Download Income Tax Software 2017-18 for TS / AP Teachers (Putta Sinivas Reddy)

* Income Tax 2016- 17 Software� Download

* Government of India Official Income Tax...

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Calculate income tax online | National Portal of India

Home Calculate income tax online

Calculate income tax online

Online calculator to compute tax liability on taxable income is provided by the Income Tax Department. Users can select the assessment year and net income to avail the facility.

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Get various Income Tax Returns (ITR) forms provided by Income Tax Department, Department of Revenue. Users can download ITR form-1, ITR form-2, ITR form-3, ITR form-4, ITR form-5, etc. Forms to be submitted by Scientific Research organisations, Charitable and Religious...

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Know your taxes - Income Tax Calculator 2007-2008 ...


Know your taxes - Income Tax Calculator 2007-2008

Its February, and March is nearby, and most of us salaried employees are going to be fazed by the term "INCOME TAX". Well most of us really don't know the real deal when it comes to computing tax, and I was no different, and this being the first year that I was under taxation, so I started some online research as to what and how much tax do we need to pay. So I found this pretty cool tax calculator made my Nithyanand. I'd like to thank this person for making this pretty useful utility. So for those who want to know how much are they going to be taxed, you can go over to the...

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Income Tax of India | All About Income Tax E-filing ...


Income Tax of India is to levy the taxes on all the people of different categories in India. Income Tax in India is levied by both�the Central government and�state government in India. Some other taxes are levied�by the local authorities and municipalities. The complete details about What is Income Tax, Income Tax Deductions, Income Tax slab rates, Income Tax Calculator, How to...

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Filing of Income Tax Returns | National Portal of India

Income Tax in India was introduced by Sir James Wilson on 24 July 1860. It was a tax selectively imposed on the rich, royalty and Britishers, and hence was not liked by the powerful. In its first year, the exchequer collected a princely sum of Rs.30 lakh. The Act lapsed in 1865 and was re-introduced in a different form in 1867. Tax rates were based on a rough-and-ready assessment.

Tax Deductiona...

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Income Tax India

Complete Online Guide for Filing Income Tax Return , Complete Income Tax Portal : incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

How to Calculate Income Tax Online: An income tax is a tax which is imposed on individual or taxpayers accordingly the income or from taxable income. Basically, this tax is imposed by the government on taxable income of an individual, companies, association of persons, firms,...

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Free Download Income Tax Return E-Filing Software AY 2017-18

CA Vineeta Sharma Income Tax India , Taxes in India

Today, most people file income tax through software and there are a lot of tools available in the market. Now if you want to file income tax with software then you have to purchase software�for that reason. Some people look for free trial version income tax software and many websites also provide links to the free download income tax software...

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Posted By G.S. Bansal , On September 25, 2015



For Male Individuals below 60 years (Resident of India)


Add: Education Cess @ 2% on Income Tax Payable

Add: Secondary & Higher Education Cess @ 1% on Income Tax...

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Income Tax Refund Status - Income Tax Calculator India

Mode of Payment.

Online Income Tax Refund Status - New user Registration

The above mentioned process is for the taxpayers who are already registered users. But, if you are a new user for the Income tax efiling portal you need to register. So simply follow the steps below for Income Tax efiling registration.

Firstly, visit the Income Tax Efiling site or� click here .

Now, the home page of the...

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Use online tax calculator to file Income ... - Times of India

Pre-tax sales drive buying frenzy

Use online tax calculator to file Income Tax Return for assessment year 2015-16

With the new Income Tax Return forms being recently notified for assessment year 2015-16, filers can do an easy check of their annual tax liability on a new computer-based 'calculator' launched by the CBDT.

PTI | Updated: Jun 28, 2015, 10:51 IST

The 'tax calculator' is an online...

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Income Tax Calculator India | Calculate Income Tax Online ...

3% of total tax (3% of Rs. 25,000 + Rs. 77,160)


Rs. 25,000 + Rs. 77,160 + Rs. 3,065

(Rounded off to nearest 10 rupees multiple)


Hence, the total Income Tax liability for Mr. Girish is Rs. 1,05,220 for the F.Y. 2016-17.

What is an Assessment Year? What is the difference between an Assessment Year and Previous Year?

A.Y. is the year in which you file returns. It is the...

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Income Tax Calculator | How to Calculate Income Tax for AY ...


Co-operative Society.

Anybody who belongs to above mentioned categories can select that particular category in the India Income Tax Calculator and calculate the Income Tax in India. Also, you need to select the Assessment Year because the slab rates vary for each AY. There is also an option to select the type of assessee, i.e., Male / Female / Senior Citizen.

Click here to know more about...

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Income Tax in India - Basic to Advance Tax Guides | H&R Block

Need more tax information?

Understanding Income Tax in India

Income tax refers to the tax levied by the government for the purpose of financing its various operations. There are two types of taxes, direct and indirect. While Income Tax is a direct tax, VAT, service tax, excise and the latest one to subsume all these taxes Goods and Services Tax (GST) are all indirect taxes.

Apart from funding the...

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File Income Tax Return Online for Free | Steps for ITR e ...

Income tax definition and common terms

1. What is Income Tax?

Income tax is tax levied on the income of a person by the Government of India as per the provisions contained in the Income Tax Act 1961. It is levied on income earned during the year starting from 1 April and ending 31st March.

2. What are Previous Year and Assessment Year?

Previous Year is the financial year in which the income is...

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India: What is the process for online payment of income tax?

Refer to the following guide developed by http://mytaxcafe.com

Online payment of Income Tax can be done through two mediums:

1. Income tax website of government.

2. Any Bank's website that provides Online Income tax payment facility for e.g. HDFC online tax payment and SBI Online payment portal. Also, paying taxes online through a bank website requires you to have an account with that...

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When should an NRI file tax return in India? - Firstpost

If you are an NRI, you may be unsure about filing a tax return in India. As a thumb rule, if your gross total income is more than Rs 2,50,000, before allowing any deductions(under section 80), you must file an income tax return in India. While resident senior citizens and super senior citizens enjoy higher exemption limits, maximum exemption limit of Rs 2,50,000 is fixed for an NRI irrespective...

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When should an NRI file tax return in India? - Firstpost

If you are an NRI, you may be unsure about filing a tax return in India. As a thumb rule, if your gross total income is more than Rs 2,50,000, before allowing any deductions(under section 80), you must file an income tax return in India. While resident senior citizens and super senior citizens enjoy higher exemption limits, maximum exemption limit of Rs 2,50,000 is fixed for an NRI irrespective...

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Income Tax Calculator - Free Online Tax Calculator in India

Income Tax Calculator tool. You could also approach professional sources for expert help.

Can I use an online Income Tax Calculator tool?

Yes, it is easy to use an Income Tax Calculator to estimate your tax payment for the year. Doing your taxes can seem like a complex and daunting task that requires making time for physical visits to an accountant/ tax professional and dealing with cumbersome...

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Zen Income Tax Software - e-TDS Software | Taxation S

Home » Products » Zen Income Tax

Zen Income Tax Software

Direct E-filing Facility Has Been Provided through Software. User Can Directly Upload The Xml File On The Income Tax Department's Site Through Software. Further A Facility Of "Change Password" And "Create User" Has Been Provided Through Software. User Need Not Log On To Department's Site Manually.


o Computation of Income and tax...

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Income Tax Calculator for Assessment Year (AY) 2018-19 ...

8. Penalties for non-filing an income tax return from FY 2017-18 ?

Penalty of Rs 5,000 is applicable if Return for FY 2017-18 is filed after due date (31st July 2018) but by 31st December 2018.

Penalty of Rs 10,000 is applicable if Return for FY 2017-18 is filed after 31st December 2018 but by 31st March 2019.

Note: Penalty is limited to Rs 1,000 for those with income up to Rs 5 lakhs.

9. What is...

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Income Tax e-Filing in India | Login to File ITR Online ...


H&R Block, is the world's largest Income Tax filing company with over 25 Million returns filed worldwide annually. We came to India in 2012 with an aim to provide easy tax filing solutions to millions of individuals across the country. We offer Income Tax filing services for salaried individuals via three distinct methods - Free online Income Tax e-Filing, Expert Tax Preparation Services and In-person tax e-Filing. H&R Block provides a highly intuitive online tool through our Free online tax e-Filing, which automatically extracts all...

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ITR V Receipt Status - Income Tax Calculator


Checking of the ITR V Receipt Status is nothing but verifying your tax payment. After you pay the Income Tax you may have some doubts whether�the payment process is completed or not? So, if you check this return status of Income Tax you can confirm that the payment is successful. Otherwise, sometimes IT department will reach you for verification. Then, you have to show the tax return...

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Calculating Withholding Taxes in India - India Briefing News

Withholding taxes in India

Chapter XVII-B of India's Income Tax Act provides for the deduction of taxes at the source of any payments made by an assessee. Furthermore, section 195 of the Income Tax Act casts an obligation on the person responsible for the payment to the non-resident to deduct the relevant tax amount at the source at the time of payment or at the time that the sum is credited to...

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German Tax Refund and Social Security Refund services

German tax return

UrTaxLounge - German tax refund German wage tax calculator German tax class German tax return in English German tax calculator German tax system German taxes German tax forms German tax categories Online income tax calculator German wage calculator German income tax calculator Kindergeld Germany social security refund steurnummer German income tax German tax return

UrTaxLounge -...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. Taxpayers can often get a tax refund on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim. (Tax refunds are often paid after the end of the tax...

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Income Tax Software Financial Year 2017-18 Assessment Year ...

Rs. 28,25,000 + 30% of (total income minus Rs. 1,00,00,000)

10% of income-tax

2% of income-tax and surcharge

1% of income-tax and surcharge

Employee Pay Details - Know your Salary

IT Proforma for Preparing Income Tax Calculation �--� Get The PDF File

Section 80C:

Life Insurance Premium

Premium / Subscription for deferred annuity For individual, on life of self, spouse or any child .


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Tax refund - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

According to the Internal Revenue Service , 77% of tax returns filed in 2004 resulted in a refund check , with the average refund check being $2,100. [1] In 2011, the average tax refund was $2,913. [2] [3] Taxpayers may choose to have their refund directly deposited into their bank account , have a check mailed to them, or have their refund applied to the following year's...

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Capital Gains Tax in India: An Explainer - India Briefing News

Capital Gains Tax in India: An Explainer

Capital Gains Tax in India: An Explainer

June 6, 2017

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By�Vasundhara Rastogi

In India, any profit or gain arising from the sale of a capital asset is deemed as capital gains and is charged to tax under the Income-tax Act, 1961. �According to the Act, a capital asset is any kind of property held by an individual, such as buildings, lands,...

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Turkish Tax System - All About Turkey

Home > Culture > Turkish Tax System

Turkish Tax System

The Turkish tax regime is an important part of the economy and can be divided into 3 main categories:

Income Taxes, such as Individual Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax

Taxes on Expenditure, such as Value Added Tax or Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax or Stamp Tax

Taxes on Wealth, such as Property Tax or Inheritance and Gift Tax


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Gift Tax in India Rules and Exemptions under Income Tax ...

How much gift is tax free in India?

As per the Income Tax Act, 1961 if the value of gifts received is more than Rs. 50,000 a year, then such amount is taxed as income in the hands of the receiver. These gifts may be in any form - cash, jewellery, movable and immovable property, shares etc.

However, this rule is not applicable if your relatives present the gifts. Now just to escape gift tax in...

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Know Your Income Tax Refund Status using tin-nsdl.com | H ...

[ Skip to: Most Frequently Asked Questions on IT Refund ]

Your Refund Status Says that Refund had Expired:

The validity period for refunds to be presented as payment is 90 days. If this period expires, it is marked as expired and cancelled.

Steps you should take:

If you paper-filed your return, then you should contact the concerned Assessing Officer.

If you had e-filed your return, then follow...

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How to Calculate Your 2013 Expatriate Individual Income ...

In this article, we outline the rates and calculation methods for both income sources and overview the declaration process for individual income taxes in China.

Employment Income

Income from wages and salaries is taxed according to a progressive rate, which is categorized into seven levels ranging from 3 to 45 percent of monthly taxable income, as shown in the table below.

Specifically, wages and...

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Income tax - Wikipedia

William Pitt the Younger introduced a progressive income tax in 1798.

The inception date of the modern income tax is typically accepted as 1799, [5] at the suggestion of Henry Beeke , the future Dean of Bristol . [6] This income tax was introduced into Great Britain by Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger in his budget of December 1798, to pay for weapons and equipment for the French...

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Income Tax Return Filing online procedure in India: 5 ...

Income Tax Return Filing online procedure in India: 5 cardinal rules you must not miss in tax return filing process on incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

Income Tax Return Filing online procedure in India: 5 cardinal rules you must not miss in tax return filing process on incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

There have been several changes in the tax filing rules in the past one year or so. Here we have listed...

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What are the income tax rates in canada - Answers.com

The federal income tax rates for Canada are as follows:

15% on the portion from [$0 - $42,707]

22% on the portion from [$42,707 - $85,414]

26% on the portion from [$85,414 - $132,406]

29% on the portion [$132,406 +]

The provincial rates differ in each province. See the related link from Canada Revenue Agency for more information.

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What is the highest income tax rate in...

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Calculating and Filing Withholding Tax in China | China ...

Calculating and Filing Withholding Tax in China

Posted on

by China Briefing

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Jun. 14 - In China, withholding tax is applied to China-sourced income derived by non-resident enterprises, including dividends, bonuses and other equity investment proceeds; interests, rentals and royalties and income from the transfer of property; and any other income subject to corporate income tax...

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What is E-Filing or What is Procedure For Filing E-Income ...


What is e-filing :

The full form of e-filing is "Electronic Filing".  In view of expansion of internet, e-filing has not only been popular but is also mandatory in large number of cases.  E-filing is The process of submitting tax returns over the Internet, using tax preparation software that has been pre-approved by the relevant tax authority.


Who are Required to E-file their Tax...

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Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) under Income Tax Act.

7.10. Filing Of FBT Return


Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) was introduced as part of Finance Act, 2005 as an additional income-tax and came into force from April 1, 2005. The term Fringe Benefits means 'any consideration for employment provided by way of any privilege, service, facility or amenity provided by the employer to the employees'.

Fringe Benefit Tax is to...

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e Filing Income Tax: How To e File Income Tax Online ...

Modified�11 January 2018

*Please note that the quotes shown will be from our partners

According to section 139(1) defined under the Income Tax Act, 1961, individuals whose income, from all the sources, during the preceding year is over and above the maximum sum on which taxes cannot be applied, need to e file taxes to claim their returns. In order to help save time and efforts, Income Tax...

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Income Tax Act, 1961 review: 4 remarkable ways Narendra ...

The Modi government has constituted a six-member task force to review the Income Tax Act, 1961, and draft a new Direct Tax Law in consonance with economic needs of the country.

By: Sanjeev Sinha | Updated: November 23, 2017 11:08 PM

A simple, easier-to-interpret direct tax code with minimal conflicts will go a long way in providing certainty and clarity to the tax payers.

The Modi government has...

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Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing ... - The Financial Express

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing: How to save tax on salary; Pay no tax on income of over Rs 10�lakh

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing: How to save tax on salary; Pay no tax on income of over Rs 10�lakh

Even though the I-T Act allows various tax-saving exemptions and deductions, rarely a person is able to use them.

By: Sanjeev Sinha | Published: October 30, 2017 11:11 AM

If you are a salaried...

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Take Home Salary Calculator India - 2017 / 2018 Tax Calculator

The Rest: You need to actually spend this money to save tax in this category.

1. If you higher rate tax payer, why not go on a holiday and save 33% , so you only pay 67% of the money on transportation, only 2 journeys are allowed in a block of 4 years. The current block of four years ends on 31 December 2014. So, hurry up!

2. Buy medical insurance for your family and parents for upto 35,000/- and this amount will be exempt from income tax .

Useful features of the take home...

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Website: http://calculatorstack.com

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Getting Started With Trading : Tax Guide for Traders in India

Are You�an Investor or a Trader?

The first and foremost decision that any market participant has to make before filling Income tax is to declare whether he / she is an investor or a trader? Income tax regulations in India treats the activity of a trader and investor in different ways and have in-turn different taxation treatment and obligations. An investor can treats his short term income...

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India - Income Tax | KPMG | GLOBAL

HRA is an allowance granted to meet the housing costs of the employee.

Direct tax implications

A tax exemption is available to employee towards HRA, limited to least of the following1 :

40 per cent of salary2 (50 per cent in case the house is situated in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Chennai);

HRA actually received by employee; and

Excess of actual rent paid over 10 per cent of salary.

HRA exemption...

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Date: 2018-04-05 04:55:46
Website: https://home.kpmg.com

Indian tax forms - Wikipedia

Form 10BA[ edit ]

Form 10BA is a document that is used by a certain section of assessees while filing income tax returns in India. The form is a declaration by the assessee. The format is specified by the Income Tax Department of India.

Form 10BA applies to a certain section of assessees who are required to claim deductions under section 80GG. This declaration is filed by the assessee himself....

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Date: 2018-03-31 11:06:52
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

Income Tax Return: How to claim income tax refund

As per the Income Tax Act, a person is required to file his/her return in the relevant assessment year by July 31 to claim the refund. The FY immediately succeeding a financial year is the relevant assessment year (AY) for that FY.

A person can file his/her return either by uploading the filled excel/java utility form or by providing the required data in the online forms (Only for those eligible...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:12:10
Website: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com

Income tax calculator 2017-18: Know your ... - India.com

In his Budget 2017 speech, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley proposed to reduce the existing rate of taxation of those with income between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh from 10 per cent to 5 per cent.

According to the new figure, a person with a taxable income (after deductions such as Section 80C etc) of Rs 3.5 lakh will pay a tax of Rs 2575 as against Rs 5150, which was paid earlier. Also, persons with taxable income of over Rs 5 lakh to Rs 50 lakh will have to pay Rs 12875, which also included the cess saved.

However, those who are earning over Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore will be paying a flat surcharge of 10 per cent on the total...

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Your information to taxes 2015

Reliefs are deducted out of your chargeable income where else rebates are deducted out of your tax payable. This makes an enormous difference. Reliefs principally very best cut back the volume of income which tax is utilized to but rebates in fact scale back the amount of ...

read more on Free Malaysia lately

high 10 reasons...

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