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File Your City Income Tax Online

The Income Tax Department offers two ways of filing your personal City income tax online: EFiling through Municipal Income Tax Solutions or paying by credit card through Official Payments.

EFile Option�- Municipal Tax Solutions

You may file electronically, or "EFile," in the following situations. Please note that you may have to mail a hard copy of your income tax return as...

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Revenu Québec- Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

Filing your own return

There are two ways for you to file your own income tax return online with software authorized by Revenu Québec :

using the software's integrated filing function (some software may not include such a function); or

using the Online Filing of an Income Tax Return service, which is available in My...

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How to Get IRS Tax Return Transcripts and Records

Tax return transcripts are free. After the IRS has processed a return, transcripts are available for the current tax year and the past three tax years.

Tax Account Transcript.��This shows any adjustments made by you or the IRS after filing your return. This transcript shows basic data, like marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income. Tax account transcripts are free, and are available after the IRS has processed the return for the current tax year and the past three tax years.

Order a Transcript.��You can request both transcript types online, by phone or by mail. To place your order online,...

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IRS Form 2290 Tax Calculator to estimate 2290 truck taxes ...

Federal Tax Calculator


The online tax calculator presents simple method of calculating federal and IRS tax of tax payers . Tax calculator features special tax return calculators for different tax payers based on their tax entity status.


Tax calculator enables fast, simple and easy tax calculation. It helps the federal tax...

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What is IRS E-file? - Federal taxes Online, State Taxes Online

OnLine Taxes is an IRS Authorized e-file Provider and Partner:

e-file Partners for Individual Taxpayers

e-file for Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals

Federal/State e-file

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


When can I start e-filing my tax return in 2018? And when is the due date?

The IRS will begin accepting individual tax returns on January 29th, 2018. The due date for...

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How to Pay Income Tax Online In India? - Money Connexion

Earlier, filing return and paying tax was a tedious process and the long process itself prevented many people from completing their duty. But, now, the process has become easier as everything can be done online these days.

Benefits of paying tax online:

The tax payers, can now remit their taxes and can file their return from any location at any time through their net-banking account


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How can one get a duplicate Income Tax Return (ITR ...

Anish Kataria , Bachelor of Commerce with Honours, Amity University (2020)

Answered 7w ago · Author has 78 answers and 37.9k answer views

How to download your ITR-V from the Department website?

Updated on

Aug 01, 2017 - 06:57:15 PM

Step 1.Go to and click on login here.

Step 2.Select the "View Returns/ Forms" option to see e-filed tax returns.

Step 3.Click...

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Kansas Income Tax Forms 2017 - Form 1040

Kansas Income Tax Forms 2017

Printable State K-40 Tax Form and Instructions

Printable Kansas ( KS ) state income tax form K-40 must be postmarked by April 17, 2018 in order to avoid penalties and late fees. Printable Kansas state tax forms for the current tax year will be based on income earned between January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. The Kansas income tax rate for 2017 is...

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How to File Late Tax Returns in Canada | Pocket Sense

How to File Late Tax Returns in Canada

by Jodee Redmond

; Updated March 15, 2018

No one looks forward to income tax time. If you miss the filing deadline for your Canadian income tax return, you don't need to fret. Even though there are consequences for late filing, ignoring the matter completely is definitely the wrong way to handle this situation.

Income Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada


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OMG! What Do I Do? I’m Missing a W2 | Fox Business

The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams


When filing an income tax returns, you must list your gross pay and the amount of taxes withheld.

A statement released by the IRS says, "If you can't get a copy from your employer, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 after Feb. 23. The IRS will send a letter to your employer on your behalf. You'll need the following when you call:

Your name, address, Social...

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Delaware Business Income Tax Extensions |

Form 1100-EXT (Corporation Income Tax Request for Extension) to apply for a Delaware tax extension. If you are making a payment with your extension, use Form 1100T-EXT (Corporate Request for Extension Voucher).

If you have a valid 6-month Federal tax extension ( IRS Form 7004 ), you will automatically receive a 6-month Delaware tax extension. In that case, do not submit a separate state extension...

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Date: 2018-04-05 21:58:28

Tax return (Australia) - Wikipedia

Australian tax returns for the tax year beginning 1 July and ending 30 June of the following year are generally due on 31 October after the end of the tax year. [1]

Australian individual taxpayers can file their return online with the ATO's myTax software, by ordering a printed copy of the tax return form, or with the assistance...

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Date: 2018-03-22 13:01:49

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Tax Assistance for J-1 Participants | Cultural Exchange

All J visa holders must file a return. If the J-2 has not earned money in the United States, file Form 8843. If money has been earned, then also file either the 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ. The J-2 who earned money may also be responsible for Social Security and Medicare taxes. Consult with a tax specialist knowledgeable of J-1 and J-2 tax issues.

What happens if I owe money to the IRS?

If you underpaid...

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Here is how you can e-verify your income tax return ...

Here is how you can e-verify your income tax return

e-verify your income tax return


Rishabh Parakh �

Updated: Sep 5, 2015, 04:21 PM IST

If you have already filed your tax returns, then you must know that the entire process of filing your tax returns is complete only when you verify the acknowledgement copy i.e. ITR-V.�

Until last year, one was supposed to take a print-out of the Income...

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India: What is the process for online payment of income tax?

Refer to the following guide developed by

Online payment of Income Tax can be done through two mediums:

1. Income tax website of government.

2. Any Bank's website that provides Online Income tax payment facility for e.g. HDFC online tax payment and SBI Online payment portal. Also, paying taxes online through a bank website requires you to have an account with that...

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How to Find Tax Return Information on People |

There are many legal, financial or business reasons why you might want tax return information on people, especially if you are an attorney or tax adviser. You might be involved in a family-law matter such as a divorce, a probate matter or a civil law suit. Using multiple resources, such as reviewing public property tax records, court records and other public records, and obtaining the person's...

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Businesses and sales/use taxes - Idaho State Tax Commission

new More information for you »

Sales tax applies to the sale, rental, or lease of tangible personal property and some services. Use tax is a tax on goods that you put to use or store in Idaho, if you didn't pay sales tax when you bought the goods and no exemption applies.

Start on our Sales and Use Tax page for an overview of these taxes, and links to forms and publications.

Doing business in...

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Proof of Tax | Find My Tax Return

How Can I Find My Tax Return Online?

As you probably know, financial operations like financing sometimes require proof of your income not just for the current year, but previous years. ��You might be asking "how do I find my tax return?"� Not everyone keeps copies of their old tax returns, or you might have kept it filed away and now have no idea where you put it!� The question "where can...

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Zen Income Tax Software - e-TDS Software | Taxation S

Home » Products » Zen Income Tax

Zen Income Tax Software

Direct E-filing Facility Has Been Provided through Software. User Can Directly Upload The Xml File On The Income Tax Department's Site Through Software. Further A Facility Of "Change Password" And "Create User" Has Been Provided Through Software. User Need Not Log On To Department's Site Manually.


o Computation of Income and tax...

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Date: 2017-04-28 07:47:04

Introduction to taxes and levies —

In association with

Introduction to taxes and levies

When you're self-employed, a contractor or running a small business, a basic understanding of key tax types and levies will make your life much easier -- even if you outsource all or most of the work to a tax or bookkeeping expert.

You won't necessarily have to pay all the different taxes. What you pay and when you pay it depends on how much...

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How to complete a provisional tax return form | TaxTim Blog NA

Want to maximise your next tax refund?

TaxTim will help you fill in your tax return step-by-step.

Be done with tax in 20 minutes or less!

How to complete a provisional tax return form

Posted 22 April 2015 under TaxTim's Blog

Let TaxTim

Do Your Tax Return Easily

Avoid penalties

Save money

Tim uses your answers to complete your income tax return instantly and professionally, with everything...

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Free Tax Prep for Seniors | Pocket Sense

Senior citizens in the United States are special, with retirement benefits and advantages that come with aging. But, few can avoid filing a federal income tax return, even with a subsistence income level. This task, like birthdays, comes around faster every year for seniors. Preparing and filing a federal income tax return may be a daunting project, but there is free help...

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Completing your Tax Return – the basics « TaxAid

Many people find the tax return form daunting. But in most cases, you only need to complete a small number of the boxes on the return. HMRC is encouraging people to file returns using the self assessment on-line system, but you may still file a paper return - though the filing date is earlier in the year (for the 2016-17 return it is 31 October 2017, compared to 31 January 2018 for on-line...

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Free Income Tax filing in India | EZTax® | Upload Form-16

FAQs on Income Tax Filing

1Advantages of Income Tax filing?

Past decades have observed low Income Tax filing Compliance, during recent years, Govt of India took stringent measures in enforcing the Income Tax Law by linking various benefits for prompt tax filers. Advantages of tax filing including but not limited to

Get the Loans easier

Get your refund back on the excess tax payments

Hurdle free...

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Form 10E – How to File | Relief under Section 89(1)

One Stop Solution for all Tax Related Queries In India

Home >> Income Tax >> Form 10E - How to File | Relief under Section 89(1)

Form 10E - How to File | Relief under Section 89(1)

Form 10E: Have you received your�salary in arrears? If yes, you need to file the Form 10E. Read the complete article to know why and How to file Form 10E. Also, check what happens�if you haven't filed Form...

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Tax Return Requirements For A Home Loan

Some applicants will need to provide up-to-date tax returns in order for their application to be processed.


However, the requirements for this vary from lender to lender and the type of home loan you're applying for.

Self-employed requirements

For standard loans, most lenders will require your two most recent payslips and most recent Notice of Assessment.

However, for self-employed applicants,...

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FinAid | FAFSA - IRS Data Retrieval Tool

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows applicants who have already filed their federal income tax returns to prefill the answers to some questions on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by transferring data from their federal income tax returns. This can save the family some time in completing the FAFSA. It may also reduce the likelihood that your FAFSA will be selected for...

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Free Canada tax software(AdvTax NETFILE/EFILE 2018)-Fast ...

AdvTax NETFILE/EFILE Online 2018 is an extremely easy, fast and professional Canada tax software. Almost everyone can complete tax preparation within 5 minutes. Please watch the following demos to experience the power of AdvTax or click

to start preparing your income tax return now. FREE for Canadian taxpayers to use AdvTax NETFILE to online submit tax return.

o� Mobile Demo - Auto fill my...

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Income Tax India efiling Website - File Your IT Return | H ...

How to register on the Income Tax Department Website?

Follow the below mentioned steps to register yourself:

Step 1:�Go to

Step 2:�Click on the "Register Yourself" button present on the top right corner.

Step 3:�On the registration form, select the user type as "Individual" and click on the "Continue" button.

Step 4:�Next step is to fill the...

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2006 Federal Income Tax Forms : Free Printable 2006 Tax ...

2006 Federal Income Tax Forms

Free Printable 2006 Tax Forms 1040EZ 1040A 1040 and Instructions

2006 income tax forms for IRS Federal 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 long form filers are available for download online in PDF format, free, at no cost. For most the 2006 tax forms were due by April 17, 2007. The 2006 income tax year is January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006. If you are filing your 2006...

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2005 Federal Income Tax Forms : Free Printable 2005 Tax ...

2005 income tax forms for IRS Federal 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 long form filers are available for download online in PDF format, free, at no cost. For most the 2005 tax forms were due by April 15, 2006. The 2005 income tax year is January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005. If you are filing your 2005 income tax forms late, remember that in most cases penalties and interest accumulate each day...

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Key Dates for 2014/15 UK Tax Year -

#TaxTipsUK #TravelTipsUK

This calendar should help you establish what the 2014/15 key tax deadlines are. We know that tax is the bane of most peoples lives, but if you know exactly what lies in store, you can plan ahead to make things much easier.

See updated version - UK Tax Year Dates 2015/16

6 April 2014 - First day of new tax year. 

6 April 2015 - HMRC issue Self Assessment Returns and...

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How to File Your Income Tax Returns Online [Step by Step ...

The government determines how much the tax rate applies to your earnings year by year, with the annual Budget determining these rates in June of every year.

Before filing tax returns online via FBR's portal, you will need to� calculate �your tax rates for the year 2015 accordingly based under which income slab you fall in.

For Individuals, Get Registered Online with FBR's E-Enrollment...

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S corp FAQ: How does S corporation prepare its tax return?


A handful of quick tips about preparing a profit and loss statement:

Tip #1: While you might be tempted to create all sorts of business-specific or industry-specific expense categories, try to combine these specific-to-your-situation terms into a logical, traditional category. Water, sewer, gas and garbage might all be grouped together as "utilities", for example.

Tip #2: Remember that...

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Can you fill out federal tax returns with pencil -

How long it will take to fill out a Federal Tax Return will vary greatly, depending on how many sources of income one has, how many deductions or tax credits one is taking, etc. A person who is competent in math and whose only income is from employment (who receives a W-2) and does not itemize deductions can usually fill out a 1040-EZ, which would likely take them less than an hour. A person who...

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Tax Refund from Australia - RT Tax

- Submission of documents

Tax refund process

If you have worked in Australia during the last seven years, you can file for a tax return. It is a simple procedure with RT Tax: register, gather the necessary documents, provide them to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Clients from Australia usually get 2550 AUD returned on average.


Register �for a tax return. Immediately after...

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Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online ...

Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online

Now you can check your tax credit (Form 26AS) anytime online and take corrective measures if needed

Last Updated at May 9, 2013 13:07 IST

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What is Gratuity? ABB slips on disappointing Q1 earnings Aadhaar to...

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6 things you need to do after e-filing your income tax ...   »  Getahead » 6 things you need to do after e-filing your income tax return

6 things you need to do after e-filing your income tax return

September 07, 2015 12:25 IST

Today is the last day for filing your income tax return or ITR for the financial year 2014-15.

But even after filing your ITR online, your job won't still be over!

Here is a six-point checklist for taxpayers to be...

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Taxes in Germany - Make it in Germany

In Germany, everyone's earnings are subject to a basic tax allowance. Up to this amount, your taxable income is not subject to tax. In 2018, this basic tax allowance is 9,000 euros if you are unmarried and not in a civil partnership. For couples who are married or in a civil partnership is 18,000. If your taxable income is higher than these amounts, you will pay income tax on it. The taxation...

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Date: 2018-01-29 11:46:02

What is E-Filing or What is Procedure For Filing E-Income ...


What is e-filing :

The full form of e-filing is "Electronic Filing".  In view of expansion of internet, e-filing has not only been popular but is also mandatory in large number of cases.  E-filing is The process of submitting tax returns over the Internet, using tax preparation software that has been pre-approved by the relevant tax authority.


Who are Required to E-file their Tax...

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Date: 2015-12-02 14:00:11

MICHIGAN Tax Forms and Instructions - State Tax Information

MICHIGAN Tax Forms and Instructions

Below are the relevant links for MI State Tax information.

Michigan State Mandate Preparers completing 11 or more personal income tax returns are required to e-file all eligible returns that are supported by their software. Preparers are also required to e-file all...

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German Tax Refund and Social Security Refund services

German tax return

UrTaxLounge - German tax refund German wage tax calculator German tax class German tax return in English German tax calculator German tax system German taxes German tax forms German tax categories Online income tax calculator German wage calculator German income tax calculator Kindergeld Germany social security refund steurnummer German income tax German tax return

UrTaxLounge -...

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How to File Income Tax Electronically in Canada | 2018 ...

The Canada Revenue Agency processes more than 25 million tax returns each year and almost two-thirds of these returns are filed electronically.

That number is poised to grow as telephone filing for simple returns is no longer an option; the CRA also has encouraged taxpayers the move away from using paper forms.

Electronic Filing Options

The CRA offers two ways to file tax returns electronically....

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Website: - Methods of Filing Your Tax Return

Tax Return Filing Methods

Ads keep this website free for you. does not research or endorse any product or service appearing in ads on this site.  Before making a major financial decision you  should consult a qualified professional.

Looking for US tax information?


Need an accounting, tax or financial advisor? Look in our...

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Date: 2018-03-28 22:21:32

IRS tax returns are due April 17 — here's what to expect ...

There are only two weeks left until tax day — here's what to expect if you haven't filed your tax return with the IRS yet

Lauren Lyons Cole

The countdown to Tax Day is on.

Getty/Chip Somodevilla

Taxpayers can submit their tax returns to the IRS until April 17 this year.

Tax refunds typically arrive within 3 weeks of filing, and the IRS recommends receiving it via direct deposit.

Though the new...

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How to File an Amended Return If You ... - Student Loan Hero

Updated on April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017April 11, 2017TaxesFeatured815Miranda Marquit

Advertiser Disclosure

Student Loan Hero Advertiser Disclosure

Our team at Student Loan Hero works hard to find and recommend products and services that we believe are of high quality and will make a positive impact in your life. We sometimes earn a sales commission or advertising fee when recommending various...

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Date: 2018-02-02 19:56:49

KRA iTax Login Portal, P9 Form Download, Forgot Password ...

KRA iTax Login Portal Page - KRA iTax Pin Registration, Application, Contacts

To access your KRA iTax login Portal account, you will need to have your KRA pin number and password. If you have forgotten your KRA pin number you will be required to visit KRA offices in your neighbourhood.

To access to KRA iTax login page follow this link KRA login Website

Forgot Password for or want to unlock your...

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Individual Income Tax FAQs -

If I serve in the United States military, what income is taxable to Missouri?

Military pay is subject to income tax only by the state that is your home of record. If you entered the military in Missouri, your home of record is presumed to be Missouri (you are presumed to be domiciled in Missouri).

If you are entering or leaving the armed forces and are in Missouri more than 30 days, your total...

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IRS announces 2018 dates for returns and refunds

IRS announces 2018 dates for returns and refunds

IRS announces 2018 dates for returns and refunds

January 09, 2018 11:03AM

WASHINGTON -- The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will begin accepting tax returns on Jan. 29, and�reminded taxpayers that refunds will not be available before late February for taxpayers claiming earned income and child tax credits.�

The IRS expects to...

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Best Free Tax Software for Your 2017 IRS Return

What is the best tax filing and refund software? We reviewed the top free tax filing apps -- TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct -- to help you find the best software for taking all of the possible deductions.


H&R Block Tax Prep and File

Learn More

TaxAct Express

Learn More

Are you tearing your hair out and biting your pen cap to a pulp over your stress-inducing tax forms? That's because,...

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