Key Dates for 2014/15 UK Tax Year -

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This calendar should help you establish what the 2014/15 key tax deadlines are. We know that tax is the bane of most peoples lives, but if you know exactly what lies in store, you can plan ahead to make things much easier.

See updated version - UK Tax Year Dates 2015/16

6 April 2014 - First day of new tax year. 

6 April 2015 - HMRC issue Self Assessment Returns and...

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Self Assessment - what are payments on account ...

If you pay income tax via self-assessment, and have a tax liability for the current year, you may need to make advanced payments for the following tax year too - known as payments on account.

How do you calculate the payments on account?

If your tax liability for the previous tax year came to £1,000 or more, you have to pay the same total tax liability in advance, split between two payments. You...

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India: What is the process for online payment of income tax?

Refer to the following guide developed by

Online payment of Income Tax can be done through two mediums:

1. Income tax website of government.

2. Any Bank's website that provides Online Income tax payment facility for e.g. HDFC online tax payment and SBI Online payment portal. Also, paying taxes online through a bank website requires you to have an account with that...

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Tax return (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

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Income tax self-assessment[ edit ]

Most employees paying tax under the PAYE system are not required to file a tax return, because the PAYE system operates to withhold the correct amount of tax from their wages or salaries. However, some tax payers, including employees, may have income that has not been taxed at source and needs to be declared to HMRC, usually by submitting a self...

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Self Employed Tax Returns | Smart, Affordable Income Tax ...

If you are self-employed, work on a contract basis, earn rental income or any other second income, we can help with your Self-Assessment and file an income tax return for you.

Thank you for contacting us. Your form will be sent shortly.


There was an error sending your enquiry.

Please check that the email address you have entered is valid.

Send me the form

Simply complete our one page...

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Date: 2018-03-07 15:41:30

US Expat IRS Estimated Taxes and Payments Explained

Ines Zemelman, EA


As a US Citizen or Green Card Holder working overseas and you have income from which US taxes are not withheld, it may be necessary for you to pay estimated taxes throughout the year. Whether or not you're required to make estimated tax payments during the tax year will depend upon a variety of factors such as your job description and the type of income you earn.


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Date: 2018-04-05 17:58:28

Delinquent Tax Information/Payment - York County, Pennsylvania

Delinquent Tax Information/Payment

Delinquent Tax Information/Payment

Welcome to the Delinquent Tax Information page. The goal of this page is to provide information regarding outstanding property taxes and methods of payment.

You may pay delinquent property taxes in person or through an online service . Additional information regarding payment methods is below.�

Please note: The York County Tax Claim Office does not collect current-year taxes. Such payments should be provided to your local...

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Date: 2018-04-06 00:17:29

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The City of South Amboy, NJ - Tax Collection

In New Jersey, the local municipality is the instrument for billing and collecting taxes due for school and county taxes. The South Amboy City Tax Bill includes amounts due for the general County Tax, County Open Space Tax, the Local School District Tax, Library Tax as well as the Local Municipal Purpose Tax. Only the Local Municipal Purpose tax is kept by South Amboy City for operational...

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Non-Resident Tax Return | Experts for Expats

Last updated: 12 January 2018

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"Just because you no longer live in the UK, you may still be required to complete a tax return and failing to do so may result in financial penalties."

If you no longer live in the UK, you may still have to file a tax return with the HMRC, even if you are a non-resident.

The tax rules for UK residents and...

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Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online ...

Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online

Now you can check your tax credit (Form 26AS) anytime online and take corrective measures if needed

Last Updated at May 9, 2013 13:07 IST

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What is Gratuity? ABB slips on disappointing Q1 earnings Aadhaar to...

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How to file Income Tax Returns online for 2017-18 -

New Delhi/Mumbai, March 31: From tomorrow onwards (April 1, 2017), the Income Tax department has made easier for taxpayers to file Income Tax Returns for salaried individuals. This year the Income Tax department had simplified the form filling process and for the Assessment Year 2017-18, there will be fewer columns, simplifying the tax filing process for people with salary and interest...

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PayLessTax PayLessTax | Self Assessment Tax Questions

(7) Transborder or Business Expansion Relief

(8) High Earners Restriction

More information including a full list of Mandatory e-filing categories can be found on

Self Assessment Rental Income

Q.24 Do I have to pay Income Tax on my rental income under the Self Assessment Income Tax system?

a) Yes you must pay Income Tax and Preliminary Income Tax on any rental profits. It is your rental...

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Date: 2018-04-01 16:47:05

Claiming back tax on your registration fees - HCPC

Home > Your registration > Fees and payments > Claiming back tax on your registration fees

Claiming back tax on your registration fees

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has agreed that the annual fee payable to HCPC is tax deductible for UK tax payers. This means that for registrants paying tax at the standard rate of 20 per cent, the £90 annual renewal fee effectively costs £72 after £18 tax...

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Personal Online Tax Extension |

Online Tax Extensions for Individuals

1040 Personal Income Tax Returns

A Federal tax extension gives you 6 extra months to file your return -- including IRS Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR, and 1040-SS.

Sole Proprietorships + Independent Contractors

Individuals who are involved in a self-employed trade or business are expected to report their income on Schedule C of IRS Form...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:50:41

Online Tax Refunds


DIY Online Tax Return


Online Tax Refunds

At Online Tax Refunds we can assist you to get the maximum tax refund by helping you lodge your return online. It's easy using our online tax returns , which allows you to lodge your tax online anywhere from a range of devices in as little as 15...

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Income tax - Citizens Advice

rental income

income from a trust.

Not all types of income are taxable. For more information about which kinds of income are taxable, see Taxable and non-taxable income .

You won't usually have to pay tax on all your income, even if it is all taxable, because you will be entitled to a certain amount of income tax free in each tax year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the...

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10 common Self-Assessment Tax Return mistakes and how to ...

This article explains how to get started with your tax return, and how to avoid common mistakes that people make on their self assessment tax return.

Before revealing the common tax return errors, it's worth highlighting that the self assessment tax return process will be changing significantly in the coming years. To help you understand how it might affect you, it's worth reading our guide...

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Date: 2018-01-22 15:14:47

How To Germany - Paying Taxes in Germany

Paying Taxes in Germany

Updated - May 2017

Know your status, both here and in your homeland.

Expatriates living in Germany can be subject to German taxes, especially if they have German source income. The German tax system is similar to the structures in other western countries. You pay income taxes throughout the year, usually with an employer deducting tax from each paycheck. Adjustments are...

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Date: 2018-03-29 17:49:06

Income Tax Calculator - Free Online Tax Calculator in India

Income Tax Calculator tool. You could also approach professional sources for expert help.

Can I use an online Income Tax Calculator tool?

Yes, it is easy to use an Income Tax Calculator to estimate your tax payment for the year. Doing your taxes can seem like a complex and daunting task that requires making time for physical visits to an accountant/ tax professional and dealing with cumbersome...

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HMRC Contact Number - 0300 200 3319 Tax Return

United Kingdom.

HMRC Phone Number Tax Rebate:

Contact HMRC phone number � to pay off all your taxes to avoid any fines later. It is an organization that levies justified taxes from the individuals and companies as per their respective earnings. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK government department responsible for administering various taxes on a national scale, also known as Tax Office,...

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Tax Collection - County of San Diego Treasurer

April 1st


These bills are originally enrolled as current secured property tax bills and allow the annual bill to be paid in two equal installments. If these bills remain unpaid on June 30, they are transferred to the unsecured tax roll for collection. See the CURRENT...

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PayLessTax Top 50 Q & A's about Self Employed Tax Returns

The Top 50 Q & A's about Self Employed Tax Returns

Answered by our Tax consultants in an easy to read question and answer format.

A more detailed tax library is available here: Detailed Tax Library

Q1. I have started Self Employment. What do I have to do about tax?

You must register as a Self Employed person with the Revenue by completing Form TR1, available on the revenue website.

Q2. Do I have...

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Date: 2018-03-31 16:22:32

Paying Taxes Reforms - Doing Business - World Bank Group

Doing Business Reforms


Properly developed, effective taxation systems are crucial for a well-functioning society. In most economies, taxes are the main source of revenue to fund public spending on education, health care, public transport, infrastructure and social programs, among others. Tax policy is one of the most contentious areas of public policy. A large...

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Rental Property Tax Return – help | KWA Tax Returns Online

After informing HMRC they will send you a tax return to complete.


UK property income is entered on the UK property pages of the tax return.

On your tax return you enter the income and the expenses. If your rental income is higher than your rental expenses, you are only taxed on this amount which is your profit. If your rental expenses exceed your income, you have made a loss. If this happens...

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Tax codes explained - inniAccounts

Knowledge hub

Tax codes explained

Everyone is issued with a tax code by HMRC so employers can calculate and deduct the correct amount of tax from salary payments.

On the face of it tax codes are simple, but there is sometimes more to them than meets the eye. Checking that your tax code is correct each year will ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax and avoid any unexpected tax...

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Tax Glossary - Understanding Taxes - Tax Terms

The concept that taxpayers should have a tax liability consistent with their income level.

Above-the-Line Deduction

Also called an adjustment to income. A type of deduction that you may take without having to itemize .

Abusive Tax Scheme

An illegal series of transactions designed to hide taxable income from the IRS.

Adjusted Basis

The original value of a piece of property plus the value of...

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Tax returns - Citizens Advice

What is a tax return

A tax return is a form (paper or online) on which you:

report details of your taxable income, and any capital gains if appropriate

claim tax allowances and tax reliefs.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) may issue a tax return to you each tax year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the next. If you receive a tax return, the law says you must fill it in.

HMRC uses...

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Reporting Your Taxes

If you are going to be in business, you'll want to know what types of business taxes may apply, including:

State and Federal Income Tax

This is a tax on you and/or your business's net income. If your business entity is a sole proprietorship, or you have a net profit reported on your individual income tax return from a partnership or S corporation, you pay any...

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Limited Company Dividend Tax Calculator - 2014/15

Dividend Tax Calculator - 2014/15

This MS Excel web application will calculate your total tax liability for different salary and dividend levels for the 2014/15 tax year.

For background information, try our guide to dividends and how they are taxed , and read the notes further down the page for assumptions and other information relating to this calculator.

Simply enter your SALARY and NET...

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myAccount online service - ROS

Allows you to manage your tax record, claim credits, declare income, submit a return and register your new job or pension. Use "Review your tax" to get an End of year statement (P21). Use "Manage your tax" to get a Tax credit certificate.

Property Services

Allows you to access your Local Property Tax (LPT) records, file or pay your LPT/Household Charge (HHC), claim tax relief on the renovation of a property, claim mortgage interest relief and view or start your Help To Buy application.

Vehicles Services

Allows you to apply for tax relief on adapted vehicles, claim fuel...

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Income tax return: How to file ITR for FY 2016-17 and all ...

How to file ITR for FY 2016-17 and all the links you need


Updated: Jun 19, 2017, 01.32 PM IST


To start, collect all the required documents such as your TDS certificates, capital gains statement from mutual funds for the FY16-17.


Which ITR form to fill for FY 2016-17 and tips on how to fill it

The Income tax department has already notified the income tax return forms to be...

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Date: 2018-04-05 16:39:20

Income taxes abroad - Ireland - EUROPA

Take into account any tax credits . Their amount depends on your personal situation.

When and how do you pay?

Under the "Self-Assessment" system there is a common date for the payment of tax and filing of tax returns, i.e. 31 October. This system, which is known as 'Pay and File' allows you to file your return and pay the balance of tax outstanding...

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Date: 2018-03-19 16:40:42

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Know Your Income Tax Refund Status using | H ...

[ Skip to: Most Frequently Asked Questions on IT Refund ]

Your Refund Status Says that Refund had Expired:

The validity period for refunds to be presented as payment is 90 days. If this period expires, it is marked as expired and cancelled.

Steps you should take:

If you paper-filed your return, then you should contact the concerned Assessing Officer.

If you had e-filed your return, then follow...

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How to Pay Taxes Owed-Installment Plan Tax Payment Options

What is an Offer in Compromise?

What is a Short-Term�Extension of Time to Pay?

If you think you will be able to pay the full amount of the taxes you owe within 120 days, you should call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and talk with a representative to see if you can qualify for a short-term extension of time to pay. You may also request a short-term extension by completing an Online Payment Agreement...

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Taxes in Japan - - Japan Travel and Living ...


Types of Taxes

Taxes in Japan are paid on income, property and consumption on the national, prefectural and municipal levels. Below is a summary of some of the most relevant types of taxes paid by individuals:

Income Tax

Paid annually by individuals on the national, prefectural and municipal levels. Also known as "resident tax" on the prefectural and municipal level. The amount is...

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Tax Office Contact Number - HMRC 0843 487 1818

Midnight 31 January 2018

Commercial software tools, designed to assist with self-assessment:

There are three kinds of commercial software packages available, supporting the different types of tax return, including the -

SA100 - aimed at individuals (including those who are self-employed)

SA800 - accommodating partnership tax returns

SA900 - outlining Trust and Estate tax returns

Please note that...

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Corporation tax for limited companies - Rapid Formations

Profit after tax: £

Company Tax Returns

At the end of each financial year, you must prepare a Company Tax Return and deliver it to HMRC. This should be done online. The return will show how much Corporation Tax your company owes (if any) on the profits it made during its most recent accounting period. You will pay corporation tax on:

Income from sales.

Income from renting out property or...

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Filing an Income Tax Extension - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

If you aren't able to complete your federal tax return by the April deadline, find out how and when to file for an IRS extension with these tips from TurboTax.

Need more time to file your 2017 tax return?

Before filing for an IRS tax extension, make sure it's right for you. Here are a few common reasons why you may need to push your deadline back:

o More time needed to track down missing tax...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

According to the Internal Revenue Service , 77% of tax returns filed in 2004 resulted in a refund check , with the average refund check being $2,100. [1] In 2011, the average tax refund was $2,913. [2] [3] Taxpayers may choose to have their refund directly deposited into their bank account , have a check mailed to them, or have their refund applied to the following year's...

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Date: 2018-04-03 19:18:18

Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961

Home > Government > Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961

Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961


1800 180 1961 (For Income Tax General Enquiry)

1800-4250-0025 (E-Filling of Returns)

0124 243- 8000 For PAN/TAN/OLTAS & Efiling enquiries

Call Center(For Income Tax General Enquiry): 1961,1800-180-1961

E-Filing of Returns Call Center

1800-4250-0025,+91 -...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. Taxpayers can often get a tax refund on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim. (Tax refunds are often paid after the end of the tax...

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Date: 2018-04-03 19:18:18

Options When You Can't Pay Your Taxes -

Options When You Can't Pay Your Taxes


Income Tax

Options When You Can't Pay Your Taxes

It's that time of year. Your tax returns are due on April 15th, but instead of a refund, you owe Uncle Sam. You are low on cash and can't pay. Nobody wants to get on the bad side of the IRS, so what are your alternatives?

Don't Delay Filing

Even if you owe more money than you can pay, you should still...

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Completing your Tax Return – the basics « TaxAid

Many people find the tax return form daunting. But in most cases, you only need to complete a small number of the boxes on the return. HMRC is encouraging people to file returns using the self assessment on-line system, but you may still file a paper return - though the filing date is earlier in the year (for the 2016-17 return it is 31 October 2017, compared to 31 January 2018 for on-line...

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How to Change Your Tax Filing Status - TurboTax Tax Tips ...

Your filing status is very important because it determines the amount of your standard deduction and the tax rates and brackets your income is subject to. You can change your tax filing status each year as long as you satisfy its specific eligibility requirements.

Step 1--Evaluate the requirements of each tax filing status

The first thing you need to do is determine which tax filing status you...

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What is E-Filing or What is Procedure For Filing E-Income ...


What is e-filing :

The full form of e-filing is "Electronic Filing".  In view of expansion of internet, e-filing has not only been popular but is also mandatory in large number of cases.  E-filing is The process of submitting tax returns over the Internet, using tax preparation software that has been pre-approved by the relevant tax authority.


Who are Required to E-file their Tax...

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Date: 2015-12-02 14:00:11

Tax Safe UK

Disposal of UK Residential property by UK non-resident Individuals

Posted: Wednesday 3 October 2017 @ 12:18 PM

 All UK non-residents who dispose of UK residential property must now complete an online Non Resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT) return and, where necessary pay any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) within 30 days of the conveyance of the property. Where Self-Assessment Tax Returns are also being...

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ODJFS Online - Employer Unemployment Compensation Accounts

Most employers and third-party administrators already file their quarterly state unemployment tax reports online. Those that don't must begin doing so with the first quarter 2018 reports, which are due by April 30, 2018.

The reports can be filed either through the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC) at or the Ohio Business Gateway at ERIC...

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Date: 2018-04-05 15:29:37

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Local Property Tax (LPT) - Citizens Information

The Local Property Tax (LPT) replaced the Household Charge which was abolished from 1 January 2013. Household Charge arrears that were not paid by 1 July 2013 were converted into LPT and are now collected by Revenue through the LPT system. The Non-Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge on second homes applied for 2013 and should be paid to the relevant local authority. From 2014 onwards, the...

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Income Tax Return: How to claim income tax refund

As per the Income Tax Act, a person is required to file his/her return in the relevant assessment year by July 31 to claim the refund. The FY immediately succeeding a financial year is the relevant assessment year (AY) for that FY.

A person can file his/her return either by uploading the filled excel/java utility form or by providing the required data in the online forms (Only for those eligible...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:12:10

Simple Tax Guide for Americans in Hong Kong

Country Guides

Simple Tax Guide for Americans�in Hong Kong

At Taxes for Expats we have been preparing U.S. tax returns for U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders in Hong Kong for over 16 years.

We have set u a dedicated HK phone line for our clients from Hong Kong: +852 3008 3402

Among all the possible destinations for US expats, Hong Kong appears near the top of the list in popularity. Of...

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Date: 2018-04-05 09:19:34