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Earlier, filing return and paying tax was a tedious process and the long process itself prevented many people from completing their duty. But, now, the process has become easier as everything can be done online these days.

Benefits of paying tax online:

The tax payers, can now remit their taxes and can file their return from any location at any time through their net-banking account


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Lic of India | Policy Status, Lic India Login, Online Payment

Lic of India Profile

Lic of India is an Insurance company which was established in September, 1956. Life Insurance Corporation of India is head quartered at Mumbai, India. In India, Lic is the most trusted insurance company. Lic India�is under taking by Government of India.�LIC of India is the largest insurance company in India with a huge presence in both urban and rural�markets. There are...

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India: What is the process for online payment of income tax?

Refer to the following guide developed by

Online payment of Income Tax can be done through two mediums:

1. Income tax website of government.

2. Any Bank's website that provides Online Income tax payment facility for e.g. HDFC online tax payment and SBI Online payment portal. Also, paying taxes online through a bank website requires you to have an account with that...

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e-Tax Payment: Pay Taxes Online in India - ICICI Bank

Pay your Tax in 7 easy steps:

Tax payers to select the relevant challan from NSDL site.

Taxpayers to enter their PAN / TAN / Assessee code as applicable. There will be an online check on the validity of the PAN / TAN / Assessee code entered.

If PAN/ TAN/ Assessee code is valid the taxpayer will be allowed to fill up other challan details like accounting head code / Major head code under which payment is made, name and address of PAN/TAN and also select ICICI Bank through which payment is to be made.


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Income Tax Refund Status - Income Tax Calculator India

Mode of Payment.

Online Income Tax Refund Status - New user Registration

The above mentioned process is for the taxpayers who are already registered users. But, if you are a new user for the Income tax efiling portal you need to register. So simply follow the steps below for Income Tax efiling registration.

Firstly, visit the Income Tax Efiling site or� click here .

Now, the home page of the...

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GST Return Filing in Chennai | Income Tax Filing Online

GST Returns Filing in ChennaiIncome Tax Filing Online in ChennaiGST Returns online in ChennaiIncome Tax Filing in ChennaiGST Filing Online in ChennaiIncome Tax Return Filing in ChennaiGST Consultant in ChennaiIT filing online Chennai

GST Return Filing

Every person registered under the GST Act has to periodically furnish the details of sales and purchases along with tax collected and paid thereon,...

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Pay your Direct Tax online - BillDesk - All Your Payments ...

HSBC will reject the payments with incorrect PAN / TAN details.

You can use this service only if you are enabled for payments on HSBCnet / Business Internet Banking or executed Fax Indemnity with HSBC.

Please ensure that you enter a correct Email ID. An alert will be sent to this Email ID containing the Transaction Reference Number on successful completion of each online challan.

You can also take a print of the Confirmation...

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ITR V Receipt Status - Income Tax Calculator


Checking of the ITR V Receipt Status is nothing but verifying your tax payment. After you pay the Income Tax you may have some doubts whether�the payment process is completed or not? So, if you check this return status of Income Tax you can confirm that the payment is successful. Otherwise, sometimes IT department will reach you for verification. Then, you have to show the tax return...

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Income Tax Calculator - Free Online Tax Calculator in India

Income Tax Calculator tool. You could also approach professional sources for expert help.

Can I use an online Income Tax Calculator tool?

Yes, it is easy to use an Income Tax Calculator to estimate your tax payment for the year. Doing your taxes can seem like a complex and daunting task that requires making time for physical visits to an accountant/ tax professional and dealing with cumbersome...

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Payments That Are Subject to Withholding Tax - IRAS

Nature of Payments That Are Subject to Withholding Tax

The following types of payments attract withholding tax when paid to non-resident companies:

Interest, commission, fee in connection with any loan or indebtedness ;�

Royalty or other payments for the use of or the right to use any movable property;�

Payments for the use of or the right to use scientific, technical, industrial or...

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Paying Taxes Reforms - Doing Business - World Bank Group

Doing Business Reforms


Properly developed, effective taxation systems are crucial for a well-functioning society. In most economies, taxes are the main source of revenue to fund public spending on education, health care, public transport, infrastructure and social programs, among others. Tax policy is one of the most contentious areas of public policy. A large...

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File Income Tax Return Online for Free | Steps for ITR e ...

Income tax definition and common terms

1. What is Income Tax?

Income tax is tax levied on the income of a person by the Government of India as per the provisions contained in the Income Tax Act 1961. It is levied on income earned during the year starting from 1 April and ending 31st March.

2. What are Previous Year and Assessment Year?

Previous Year is the financial year in which the income is...

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Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961

Home > Government > Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961

Income Tax of India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1961


1800 180 1961 (For Income Tax General Enquiry)

1800-4250-0025 (E-Filling of Returns)

0124 243- 8000 For PAN/TAN/OLTAS & Efiling enquiries

Call Center(For Income Tax General Enquiry): 1961,1800-180-1961

E-Filing of Returns Call Center

1800-4250-0025,+91 -...

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Professional tax online payment in Mumbai India | QuikrEasy

Aarey Milk Colony, Agripada, Ambewadi and 224 other locality - Mumbai

A Solution to all tax related matters Ethics, Excellence, Commitment and the Trust of our clients ar...

View Number

M. L. HOHTI & CO, Professionally specia...

Aarey Milk Colony, Agripada, Ambewadi and 289 other locality -...

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How to file Income Tax Returns online for 2017-18 -

New Delhi/Mumbai, March 31: From tomorrow onwards (April 1, 2017), the Income Tax department has made easier for taxpayers to file Income Tax Returns for salaried individuals. This year the Income Tax department had simplified the form filling process and for the Assessment Year 2017-18, there will be fewer columns, simplifying the tax filing process for people with salary and interest...

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Income Tax in India - Basic to Advance Tax Guides | H&R Block

Need more tax information?

Understanding Income Tax in India

Income tax refers to the tax levied by the government for the purpose of financing its various operations. There are two types of taxes, direct and indirect. While Income Tax is a direct tax, VAT, service tax, excise and the latest one to subsume all these taxes Goods and Services Tax (GST) are all indirect taxes.

Apart from funding the...

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Facility for GST payments has been enabled under EASIEST e-Payment for taxpayers based abroad and desirous of making the payment in respect of Cross border B2C OIDAR services provided online/electronically to consumers in taxable territory. Please click here for the procedure.

CBEC/Link Cell

Focal Point Bank Branch


The Central Board of Excise and Customs Department (CBEC), Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC, Controller General of Accounts and the Reserve Bank of India with the participation of 24 Commercial Banks introduced the Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax (EASIEST) in April 2007 with the...

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TN VAT: A Complete Guide to VAT in Tamil Nadu - Vakilsearch

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Value-Added Tax (VAT) is levied at each stage of production and distribution of goods and commodities. VAT works as a chain system, wherein, at each stage, the seller collects taxes from the buyer, and in turn, pays it to the government treasury, each year. VAT is a tax that is in control of the state governments and each State has their own Act and policies regarding the...

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Zen Income Tax Software - e-TDS Software | Taxation S

Home » Products » Zen Income Tax

Zen Income Tax Software

Direct E-filing Facility Has Been Provided through Software. User Can Directly Upload The Xml File On The Income Tax Department's Site Through Software. Further A Facility Of "Change Password" And "Create User" Has Been Provided Through Software. User Need Not Log On To Department's Site Manually.


o Computation of Income and tax...

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Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online ...

Check Your Income Tax Credit Status (Form 26AS) Online

Now you can check your tax credit (Form 26AS) anytime online and take corrective measures if needed

Last Updated at May 9, 2013 13:07 IST

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What is Gratuity? ABB slips on disappointing Q1 earnings Aadhaar to...

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Know Your Income Tax Refund Status using | H ...

[ Skip to: Most Frequently Asked Questions on IT Refund ]

Your Refund Status Says that Refund had Expired:

The validity period for refunds to be presented as payment is 90 days. If this period expires, it is marked as expired and cancelled.

Steps you should take:

If you paper-filed your return, then you should contact the concerned Assessing Officer.

If you had e-filed your return, then follow...

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Council Tax - Chorley

Council tax is payable by residents as a way of contributing to local services. Most homes are subject to council tax and the bill is calculated using the value of the property at April 1 1991.

The amount you pay depends on the valuation band of your property. There are eight valuation bands based on the value of properties in 1991. They range from Band A for properties worth up to £40,000 to...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. Taxpayers can often get a tax refund on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim. (Tax refunds are often paid after the end of the tax...

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Tax refund - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

According to the Internal Revenue Service , 77% of tax returns filed in 2004 resulted in a refund check , with the average refund check being $2,100. [1] In 2011, the average tax refund was $2,913. [2] [3] Taxpayers may choose to have their refund directly deposited into their bank account , have a check mailed to them, or have their refund applied to the following year's...

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Online Checkpost Road Tax Collection for Govt. of UP

Welcome to the online portal of the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department.

This portal is meant to be a common platform from where various online services will be gradually provided to citizens, as and when they are developed by the department. For the moment, its services are being started for online tax payment of vehicles which are registered in states other than Uttar Pradesh. The owners of...

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What is E-Filing or What is Procedure For Filing E-Income ...


What is e-filing :

The full form of e-filing is "Electronic Filing".  In view of expansion of internet, e-filing has not only been popular but is also mandatory in large number of cases.  E-filing is The process of submitting tax returns over the Internet, using tax preparation software that has been pre-approved by the relevant tax authority.


Who are Required to E-file their Tax...

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Online Other State Vehicle Tax Payment in Uttar Pradesh ...

All commercial vehicles entering Uttar Pradesh for a limited period of time have to pay other state vehicle tax at the toll check posts located on state border as per Motor Vehicle Taxation Rules. Continuous transit of vehicles from other states, keeps the toll posts engaged 24x7 and one can witness long queues at the toll counters throughout the day. The vehicles enter the state day and night which requires the tax collection counters to work continuously. Also there are security issues both for the tax collecting officials and government funds collected as tax. The citizens too get hassled at the check post as they have to locate the office and then...

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India Income Tax efiling | e-filing | e filing guide

31The income Tax department -Govt of India has introduced online submission� of Income tax

returns called e-filing which facilitates� fast processing of income tax returns and refunds.� A simple application based on MS excel makes the ITR form filling easy. Here go through the steps� to fill your income tax returns.

Go to this link...

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Income Tax Return: How to claim income tax refund

As per the Income Tax Act, a person is required to file his/her return in the relevant assessment year by July 31 to claim the refund. The FY immediately succeeding a financial year is the relevant assessment year (AY) for that FY.

A person can file his/her return either by uploading the filled excel/java utility form or by providing the required data in the online forms (Only for those eligible...

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Digital Signature Certificate Online, Sify Class 2 Class 3 ...

Class 3 - Signing & Encryption - Including Token

2 Year


Use this wizard to determine which digital signature certificate is applicable for your use.

All prices include certificate cost, Epass 2003 FIPS certified USB Crypto token, all taxes and courier...

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State Administration Of Taxation - 国家税务总局

The Blueprint for Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administrative Systems of State and Local Tax Administrations

Delivering on the "Belt and Road" Initiative

"Internet+Tax" Action Plan

Upgraded VAT Invoice Processing System

The year of 2015 was marked by several significant China tax highlights: The release of The Blueprint for Deepening Reform of Tax Collection and Administrative...

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Citizen Friendly Services - AP transport - INDIA



All transport vehicles can now make quarterly vehicles online.  visit the online services at http;// and click on quarterly taxes.  A fleet owner...

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