Withholding Tax in India: A Tax Deduction at source

Withholding tax means the tax deducted at source by the payer of income.

It is also called retention tax.

In India it is called Tax Deducted at source (TDS)

The term "Withholding tax" is used in United States of America (USA) for TDS.

In withholding tax, tax is deducted at source by the payer of income.

In India it is applicable for various source of income like salary, commission, interest, work contract, profession receipts, rent etc.

The main purpose of withholding tax is early generation of revenue to the government.

For example Mr. A received professional services of Rs. 50,000 from a doctor.� In...

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Completing a Swiss tax return, keeping tax returns - www.ch.ch

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Which documents do I need?

It helps to be well prepared before you start to fill out your tax return. For example, we suggest you collect up the following documents during the course of the year and have them to hand:

Salary statement

Statements of bank or post office accounts

Securities statements

Private pension statements (3rd pillar)

Statements of special...

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The Tax Benefits of Buying a New Car Before the End of the ...

Under the new tax law signed by the president on December 19, taxpayers can claim an optional tax deduction on their personal 2014 returns for state sales tax paid this year. And the sales tax you pay on a vehicle - usually, a significant amount - may push you over the top.

As with more than 50 other tax breaks, the provision allowing taxpayers to deduct state sales taxes on their personal...

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Tax Deductions For Uni Students | Etax.com.au

Equipment depreciation and repairs (eg. laptops computer, printer, etc.)

Car expenses (if applicable)

Work-related deductions for people working during studies also include:

Uniforms (must have a logo)

Travel (only for work-related reasons such as training or a conference)

The first $250 of the cost is usually non-deductible.

Unless your claim includes depreciation or repairs, the ATO says that...

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How to Lodge a Tax Return Online | Online Tax Australia

How to Lodge a Tax Return Online

May 20, 2015 in News

Few people look forward to lodging a tax return online. There are the mountains of paperwork, receipts and invoices to deal with, as well as navigating the Australian Taxation Office website. So, to help make lodging your 2015 tax return a little easier, we've put together this guide on how to lodge a tax return online.

Options to Lodge a Tax...

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Teacher tax deductions - Great ways to boost your tax refund

Protective hat and sunscreen used when working outside

Some teachers can claim tax deductions for working at home

Most teachers need to take work home at some stage but there is a silver lining to that. If you do some of your work at home, there's an opportunity to claim a deduction for it. Depending on how often you work at home, you may be able to claim the work percentage costs of:


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How to File Late Tax Returns in Canada | Pocket Sense

How to File Late Tax Returns in Canada

by Jodee Redmond

; Updated March 15, 2018

No one looks forward to income tax time. If you miss the filing deadline for your Canadian income tax return, you don't need to fret. Even though there are consequences for late filing, ignoring the matter completely is definitely the wrong way to handle this situation.

Income Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada


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Sales Tax Deduction 2014 - Back Alley Taxes

10 Dec 2014 ��| Tax Helps

(NOTE: if you're looking for a list of itemized deductions, or more help with filling out your 1040, go back to the 1040 summary page� here )

Before I begin�talking about the General Sales Tax Deduction on the Schedule A, I should mention that technically there's no sales tax deduction in 2014. That doesn't mean there won't be. The tax extenders bill that just...

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eFiling Tax Return | Tax Relax

eFiling Tax Return

2016/2017 SARS EFiling Tax Returns

Keeping up to date with SARS, especially the different types of tax regulations and dates, is far from an easy task. These days you almost need a 'tax degree' to understand everything that is required from you as taxpayer. So in this article, we'll mention some important things to consider as well as important dates pertaining to your tax...

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The Top 5 Forgotten Tax Deductions - Etax online tax return

The Top 5 Forgotten Tax Deductions

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, it's a good time to discuss tax deductions - especially those deductions often missed by taxpayers like you.

We surveyed our senior accountants and asked them "what are the top 5 forgotten deductions on individual tax returns?" - that is, deductions people can claim, but often forget or don't know about


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Non-Resident Tax Return | Experts for Expats

Last updated: 12 January 2018

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"Just because you no longer live in the UK, you may still be required to complete a tax return and failing to do so may result in financial penalties."

If you no longer live in the UK, you may still have to file a tax return with the HMRC, even if you are a non-resident.

The tax rules for UK residents and...

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The Etax 2014 online tax return is available now...

Etax 2014:

How to lodge your 2014 tax return

Etax 2014 is past and if you have not lodged your tax return for that year, you've come to the right place.

Let's cover how easy it is to use Etax for your 2014 tax return, the new features on online return as well as how to lodge other outstanding prior years' returns.

Why use Etax for your overdue 2014 tax return?

Here are the Top 11 reasons why...

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18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018 | MoneyTips

18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018

18 Top Tax Deductions For 2018

Save on your 2017 Taxes with these Deductions

Tax Returns Taxes

February 5, 2018

Congratulations! You made it through another year. What better way to start 2018 than with 18 great money-saving tax deductions? Use them to save money on your 2017 taxes while you still can, because this is the last year for many of them due to the Tax...

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Sales Tax Tracker

Sales Tax Tracker: The app that helps you to get money back during the tax season.

Did you know that the IRS allows you to deduct the State Income Tax or Sales Tax you have paid from your Federal Taxes? (You can't claim both)

You can use the government's calculator which estimates the sales tax you paid based on your income or if you want to maximize your deduction you must save your receipts...

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Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers | Online Tax Australia

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Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers

Chefs, waiters, bartenders, kitchen hands and other professionals involved in the hospitality industry have a number of tax deductions available to them. In hospitality, the hours are long and you work when everyone else plays. At OTA we know how busy you are so we've put our heads together and come up with a list of deductions that could...

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How to File Unfiled IRS or Old State Tax Returns

How to File Unfiled Tax

How to File Unfiled Tax Returns

In most cases, if you didn't file a previous year's tax return, you can do it retroactively. Although often more cumbersome, you can prepare and submit most state tax returns late.

There are many consequences to not filing Federal tax returns ( IRS) and State �when you are required or you have a balance owed. In most cases, filing a tax...

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Trust & Estate Taxes & Accounting - fitz-cpa.com

Tax refunds

Trust Income Tax Return / Estate Income Tax Return

Trusts and estates file IRS Form 1041 for income taxes. The executor, trustee, administrator, or personal representative is referred to as the fiduciary - the responsible party.

Income tax rules for trusts and estates are similar to those for personal (individual) income taxes. However, some important differences exist.

A trust or...

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Tax Return 2018 | How to do your 2018 tax return in minutes

Your 2018 tax return at Etax should be somewhere between "very easy" and "truly amazing". Some people even tell us that while their tax return used to be trouble, now it's sort of fun. Etax software and chat support makes the whole thing painless and so convenient.

Can a tax return actually be fun? Lots of Etax users say 'Yes'. Your 2018 tax return will be easier than ever - a few minutes on a...

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Creditable Withholding Tax Certificate in the Philippines ...

Creditable Withholding Tax Certificate in the Philippines

By: Tax and Accounting Center Philippines

Under Section 2.58(B) of Revenue Regulations No. 2-1998, as amended (RR 2-98), every payor required to deduct and withhold taxes under the regulations shall furnish each payee with a withholding tax statement using BIR Form No. 2307 showing the income payments made and the amount of taxes withheld...

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How do I calculate my deduction for state and local sales ...

The IRS allows for a deduction of sales and use tax paid as an option for those who itemize their deductions, letting them choose between deductions for state and local income taxes or state and local sales and use taxes. Taxpayers will indicate by using a checkbox on line 5 of Schedule A which type of tax they're claiming.

Note: �While this deduction will mainly benefit taxpayers without a...

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Tax Break List For U.S. Homeowners, Updated For 2015

Get Tax Deductions For Owning A Home And Paying Your Mortgage

Shashank Shekhar

The Mortgage Reports Contributor

Low Mortgage Rates Enticing To Home Buyers

Editor's note: These tips are for informational purposes only. Consult your accountant for personalized, tax-related advice.

Today's mortgage rates are near their lowest in two years; and approaching the lowest of all-time.

According to Freddie...

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How to file Income Tax Returns online for 2017-18 - India.com

New Delhi/Mumbai, March 31: From tomorrow onwards (April 1, 2017), the Income Tax department has made easier for taxpayers to file Income Tax Returns for salaried individuals. This year the Income Tax department had simplified the form filling process and for the Assessment Year 2017-18, there will be fewer columns, simplifying the tax filing process for people with salary and interest...

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Withdrawing notices to file tax returns : Mark McLaughlin ...

Withdrawing notices to file tax returns

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | Comments Off on Withdrawing notices to file tax returns

HMRC can require any person to file a self-assessment return, if it considers that the return is necessary. HMRC has a statutory power to issue a notice to file a tax return. For personal tax returns by individuals, this power is contained in TMA 1970, s 8. There is a...

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Student Income Tax Return Guide - E-file

Learn more about whether you have to file a tax return .

Which Tax Form Should I File or efile as a Student?

If you fulfill the residence requirements, then you should file either Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.�When you prepare your return on efile.com, we will generate all the correct forms for your specific tax situation based on your answers to a series of simple questions.�We will also help...

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Rental Property Deduction Checklist: 16 Tax Deductions for ...

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Rental Property Deduction Checklist: 16 Tax Deductions for Landlords

by G. Brian Davis | Mar 3, 2018 | General Property Management , Personal Finance , Real Estate Investing , Spark Blog | 16 comments

The billionaires of the world are not doctors or lawyers, they're entrepreneurs. Specifically, they are people who started their own businesses, whether those businesses are online,...

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Your 2017 Tax Return: How to do Your Taxes in 2017 ...

Your 2017 Tax Return: How to do Your Taxes in 2017

June 23, 2017 in News

It's that time of year again. The financial year is about to wind-up, and that means one thing - it's time to get your finances in order. Tax time can be stressful, with lots of document sorting and collating to be done. Plus, some of us will be banking on a fat tax return to go on holiday, or make a big purchase.

We all...

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Tax Filing Tips for Freelance Bloggers in the US, UK and ...

Working for yourself is a dream come true for many, but when tax time comes I understand all too well how all the forms, schedules and receipts can become a confusing mass of nonsensical paperwork.

The truth is, when you know what kinds of invoices and financial interactions to keep track of throughout your working year, the process can not only be smooth and simple, but satisfying as well.


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Filing income tax returns online: These 10 steps will make ...

The last date for filing tax return for financial year 2015-16 for individuals is 5 August 2016. Individuals earning above Rs 5 lakh are required to file their tax returns electronically.

Here is a quick 10 steps guide to file your tax return

Step 1: Create your e-filing account

In order to create an e-filing account, you should visit the Income Tax website https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in...

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How to File US Tax Returns in Canada? - Hutcheson & Co.

How to File US Tax Returns in Canada?

Home » Latest Articles » How to File US Tax Returns in Canada?

Jan 25

In general terms, this is one of the most frequent questions we get from prospective clients. So then, How do you file U.S. tax returns while in Canada?

The first question we need to ask is whether you are actually required to file U.S. tax returns. Generally speaking, U.S. citizens and...

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Online Tax Refunds


DIY Online Tax Return


Online Tax Refunds

At Online Tax Refunds we can assist you to get the maximum tax refund by helping you lodge your return online. It's easy using our online tax returns , which allows you to lodge your tax online anywhere from a range of devices in as little as 15...

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How to File an Amended Return If You ... - Student Loan Hero

Updated on April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017April 11, 2017TaxesFeatured815Miranda Marquit

Advertiser Disclosure

Student Loan Hero Advertiser Disclosure

Our team at Student Loan Hero works hard to find and recommend products and services that we believe are of high quality and will make a positive impact in your life. We sometimes earn a sales commission or advertising fee when recommending various...

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Date: 2018-02-02 19:56:49
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e Filing Income Tax: How To e File Income Tax Online ...

Modified�11 January 2018

*Please note that the quotes shown will be from our partners

According to section 139(1) defined under the Income Tax Act, 1961, individuals whose income, from all the sources, during the preceding year is over and above the maximum sum on which taxes cannot be applied, need to e file taxes to claim their returns. In order to help save time and efforts, Income Tax...

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Lawriter - ORC - 718.06 Consolidated municipal income tax ...

718.06 Consolidated municipal income tax return.

(A) As used in this section:

(1) "Affiliated group of corporations" means an affiliated group as defined in section 1504 of the Internal Revenue Code, except that, if such a group includes at least one incumbent local exchange carrier that is primarily engaged in the business of providing local exchange telephone service in this state, the...

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File TDS Return Online in India | LegalRaasta

Submit the return in FVU format without any difficulty

Form Generation

Generate Form 16, 16A and more with ease

What is TDS ?

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is an indirect system of deduction of tax according to the Income Tax Act, 1961 at the point of generation of income. Tax is deducted by the payer and is remitted to the government by him on behalf of the payee.

A TDS Return is a quarterly...

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Understanding Tax Audits in Canada

If you receive additional T3, T4 or T5 income slips after you have filed your personal income tax return, you need to file an amendment with CRA using form T1ADJ - T1 Adjustment Request. Here's why.

If the CRA finds unreported income during their matching program tax audits, your income tax return will be adjusted to reflect the missing T slips and a Notice of Reassessment will be mailed to...

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Tax Preparation Software - OfficeMax

Tax Preparation Software

35 results

When tax time rolls around, it's time to make the decision whether to file your own taxes or enlist the aid of a professional. With our tax, finance and legal software , you have everything you need to maintain your financial files throughout the year in preparation to file your tax return. If you own a business, our small business finance software can help you make sure your business files are in order before filing. Instead of hiring a professional tax preparer, consider saving time and money with our tax preparation...

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DRS: Managing Sales Tax - Connecticut

There are no additional sales taxes imposed by local jurisdictions in Connecticut.�The statewide rate of 6.35% applies to the retail sale, lease, or rental of most goods and taxable services.�However, there are exceptions:

The tax on the rental or leasing of a passenger motor vehicle for a period of 30 consecutive calendar days or less is 9.35%.

A tax rate of 7.75% applies to the following:...

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10 Tax Deductions & Benefits for the Self-Employed

Married filing separately


The income thresholds for additional Medicare tax apply not just to self-employment income, but to your combined wages, compensation and self-employment income. So if you have $100,000 in self-employment income and your spouse has $160,000 in wage income, you'll have to pay the additional Medicare tax of 0.9% on the $10,000 by which your joint income exceeds the...

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Rental Property Tax Return – help | KWA Tax Returns Online

After informing HMRC they will send you a tax return to complete.


UK property income is entered on the UK property pages of the tax return.

On your tax return you enter the income and the expenses. If your rental income is higher than your rental expenses, you are only taxed on this amount which is your profit. If your rental expenses exceed your income, you have made a loss. If this happens...

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Can you file car tag deduction on income tax - Answers.com

NONE. No INCOME. -0- ZERO INCOME. For sure you would NOT be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return. Actually, there is a federal minimum number below which you are not required to file any tax returns. State requirements also vary. For instance, in NH there is no income tax other than a small percentage on investment dividends, meaning you could earn $20million a year and not have to...

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Tax Return Filing (FAQs) - Germany Mantra

Tax Return Filing (FAQs)

Tax Return (Einkommensteuererklärung)

Because the financial year is from January to December, The tax return is filed after January of next year.

How much refund I can Get?

The chances of getting refund depends on certain factors.

As explained in the German Income tax system, you have possibility to get refund in case of conditions including

There are Business expenses...

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PayLessTax PayLessTax | Self Assessment Tax Questions

(7) Transborder or Business Expansion Relief

(8) High Earners Restriction

More information including a full list of Mandatory e-filing categories can be found on revenue.ie

Self Assessment Rental Income

Q.24 Do I have to pay Income Tax on my rental income under the Self Assessment Income Tax system?

a) Yes you must pay Income Tax and Preliminary Income Tax on any rental profits. It is your rental...

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Date: 2018-04-01 16:47:05
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Texas Franchise Tax Update - ATKG LLP

In the last few weeks, most business owners have been racing to get their federal tax returns extended or filed by the April deadline.� It's easy to forget there is another tax deadline quickly approaching - Texas Franchise tax returns are due on May 15th.� An extension may be filed, but tax due (lower of 90% of current year tax or 100% of prior year tax) must be paid by the May 15...

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Tax Information for Visitors to the United ... - eduPASS

Who Must File an Income Tax Return

If you are visiting the United States for pleasure and receive no income from U.S. sources, you do not have to file a U.S. income tax return.

If you are a nonresident alien and you work or are engaged in a trade or business in the United States, you must file a U.S. income tax return regardless of the amount of your income or whether your income is exempt from...

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TurboTax Deluxe Tax Software 2017 Fed - amazon.com

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TurboTax will double-check your tax return.

TurboTax will run through thousands of error checks and double-check your tax return as you go to help make sure there are no mistakes.

TurboTax searches over 350 tax deductions.

TurboTax will find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get your biggest tax refund, guaranteed.

100% accurate calculations.

TurboTax calculations are...

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10 Steps to Tax Preparation - Investopedia

10 Steps to Tax Preparation

By Barbara E. Weltman | Updated January 22, 2018 -- 3:25 PM EST


The federal government estimates that�60% of individuals use paid preparers to complete and submit their tax returns.�If you are one of these people, it's important to get started right away so you can have a successful tax return experience. This year, 2017�federal tax returns (or applications...

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How to Get More Money Back From Your Tax Return in 2018

It's that time of year again! TAX TIME!� If you didn't get a chance to implement any of my 16 Tax Tips for Year End , don't fret, my friend, there's still time to get more money back from your tax return!� Check out our Wealthsimple Review for the quickest and easiest way to setup an RRSP and supercharge your tax refund.�

I started filing my own taxes last year. Before that, I hired an...

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Indian tax forms - Wikipedia

Form 10BA[ edit ]

Form 10BA is a document that is used by a certain section of assessees while filing income tax returns in India. The form is a declaration by the assessee. The format is specified by the Income Tax Department of India.

Form 10BA applies to a certain section of assessees who are required to claim deductions under section 80GG. This declaration is filed by the assessee himself....

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Date: 2018-03-31 11:06:52
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Preparing to file your 2017 taxes - Canada.ca

Preparing to file your 2017 taxes

This page provides general information about 2017 tax slips, as well as information on how and when you will get access to your tax slips, and what to do if you have questions about 2017 tax slips.

On this page

Useful links

What to do if you have questions about the 2017 year-end or your tax slips

If your organization is served by the Public Service Pay Centre...

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Website: tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca

The Big List of Small Business Tax Deductions — Bench

And remember, some of the deductions in this list may not be available to your small business. Consult with your tax advisor or CPA before claiming a deduction on your tax return.

Advertising and Promotion

The cost of advertising and promotion is 100% deductible, including things like the cost of printing business cards. Just keep in mind, the more revenue your advertising brings you, the more...

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Website: https://bench.co