iFile Choose Form Entrance - Maryland Taxes

Welcome to the Comptroller of Maryland's Internet tax filing system. This system allows online electronic filing of resident personal income tax returns along with the most commonly associated schedules and forms.

�What you will need to get started:

A completed federal return. You will need information from your federal return in order to complete your Maryland...

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Website: https://interactive.marylandtaxes.gov

Income taxes abroad - Ireland - EUROPA

Take into account any tax credits . Their amount depends on your personal situation.

When and how do you pay?

Under the "Self-Assessment" system there is a common date for the payment of tax and filing of tax returns, i.e. 31 October. This system, which is known as 'Pay and File' allows you to file your return and pay the balance of tax outstanding...

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Date: 2018-03-19 16:40:42
Website: europa.eu

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Motor Vehicle Lease/Rental Sales Tax - Louisiana ...

What to Bring When Visiting LDR

Electronic Filing Required for Dealers Who Lease or Rent Motor Vehicles

Because this information is not separately reported on the sales tax return, Form R-1029 , the Department has adopted Emergency Rule LAC 61:III.1511 to require dealers that collect sales tax on motor vehicle leases or rentals to file their sales tax returns...

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Website: http://www.revenue.louisiana.gov

Electronic Filing - TN

TNTAP Information

Electronic Filing

Tennessee law allows the Department of Revenue to require certain taxes be filed and paid electronically. Click on the tax type below to learn more about the electronic filing requirements for each tax and to visit the online filing website for that tax.

Business Tax

All�business tax�returns must be filed and paid electronically. Your electronic payment can...

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Date: 2018-04-05 16:35:57
Website: https://www.tn.gov

WASHINGTON DC Tax Forms and Instructions

WASHINGTON DC Tax Forms and Instructions

Below are the relevant links for DC State Tax information.

District of Columbia State Mandate Acceptance in the District of Columbia e-file program is automatic with acceptance in the federal e-file program. ERO must retain Form D-40E, District of Columbia...

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Website: http://www.statetaxinformation.com

Income Tax Refund Status - NJ Taxation

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New Jersey Individual Income Tax

Online Refund Status Service

Check the Status of Your New Jersey Income Tax Refund

Follow the Division:

To follow the progress of your refund, enter your Social Security number and the amount of the refund as listed on your tax return. Then select the appropriate tax year:

Social Security Number:


Before checking on your refund, wait four weeks from the day you filed an electronic (online) return.

Wait 12 weeks to check your refund if you filed a paper return.

How New...

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Website: https://www16.state.nj.us

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IRS announce official first day to file taxes for 2016 ...

IRS announce official first day to file taxes for 2016

December 12, 2016

IRS announce official first day to file taxes for 2016

IRS announce official first day to file taxes in 2016!

Following the passage of the extenders legislation, the Internal Revenue Service announced today it anticipates opening the 2016 tax filing season as scheduled in January. Tax Season 2016 is expected to start very...

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Website: http://www.taxschedule.com

File Tax Extension 2017 - 2018

Multi-Member LLC

Estate and Trust Fund

When you ask the question "how do I file for a tax extension" there is no doubt that you don't want to be tossed into a cumbersome process. Rest assured, this is a very simple form to fill out and submit. But, you do still have to pay your taxes due with your extension in order to avoid late payment penalties. For this you...

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Date: 2017-10-19 14:10:50
Website: http://filetaxextension.org

Income Tax Return Filing Guidelines for Taxable Calendar ...

Authorized Bank of the RDO where the business is located

GCash of the RDO where the business is located

Authorized Bank or BIR RDO

Upon filling

Electronic Filing Payment System (EFPS)

Create the Annual Income Tax Return via eBIRForms then file and pay it using eFPS.

BIR Large Taxpayer Division or BIR RDO

Fifteen (15) days from the deadline of filing or date of electronic filing of the BIR...

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Website: http://mpm.ph

E-Services - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Where's My Refund?

Taxpayers may check the status of their individual income tax return refunds via the Department's "Where's My Refund?" page or by using the Department's automated telephone system (dial 1-888-829-3071 toll-free, or 225-922-3270 for the Baton Rouge area)....

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Website: http://www.revenue.louisiana.gov

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NJ Division of Taxation - Filing Sales and Use Tax Returns ...


How Do You File and Pay New Jersey Sales Tax?

All businesses that sell taxable goods and services in New Jersey must register with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services to collect Sales Tax. This includes any person who makes seasonal or occasional sales at events such as a flea market or craft show.

Once your business is registered to collect Sales Tax, you...

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Website: http://www.state.nj.us

Refund Status - Comptroller of Maryland Interactive Online ...

You can check on the status of your current year Maryland income tax refund by providing your Social Security number and the exact amount of your refund as shown on the tax return you submitted. Enter this information in the boxes below. If you filed a joint return, please enter the first Social Security number shown on your return. In the refund box below, enter the exact amount of refund you requested,...

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Website: https://interactive.marylandtaxes.gov

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MASSACHUSETTS Tax Forms and Instructions

MASSACHUSETTS Tax Forms and Instructions

Below are the relevant links for MA State Tax information.

Massachusetts State Mandate Income tax return preparers who completed 10 or more original Massachusetts Forms 1 and 1-NR/PY, including those e-filed, during the previous calendar year are required to use...

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Website: http://www.statetaxinformation.com

How to File VAT Return Online | Due Dates and Format in ...

28th January 2018


As a VAT registered firm, you should file regular quarterly/monthly tax returns, even if you have not done any business or paid tax in a given period. For every month to pay the vat return, the last date to file VAT return will be 28th of the subsequent month.

For example, now the return period of January 2018, the last date will be 28th February 2018 be required to fill the...

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Website: https://www.thevatuae.com

Tax due dates - Business License Tax | seattle.gov

Last day of the following month: April 30, for example

Late fees and interest

You pay a penalty fee for filing taxes after the due date. The penalty fee increases the longer you wait to file.

NOTICE: Effective Aug. 1, 2015, penalty rates for late tax payments are increasing. New rates are reflected in the table below. For more information about the penalty increase, see the "About the penalty increase" section below.

Tax return filed

Late fee amount ($5 minimum)

1st month after the due date

9% of tax owed (previously 5%)

2nd month after the due date

19% of tax owed (previously 15%)


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Website: http://www.seattle.gov

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How Long Does it Take to Get Tax Refunds From Electronic ...

Electronic filing of your tax return is the fastest way to obtain a refund, both from the Internal Revenue Service and your state revenue department. The IRS states that nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refund in 21 days or less of their return being accepted.

E-file Providers

Under IRS regulations, any tax professional that prepares more than 10 personal income tax returns per year...

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Website: https://pocketsense.com

IRS Where's My Refund? Check 2016 Status With IRS2Go

Terms and Conditions

IRS Wheres My Refund? Check your IRS.gov Refund Status

UPDATED�- March 20, 2018:� ��With many Americans using online tax preparation software such as TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA or H&R Block, you are able to expedite the process and e-file tax returns to receive our refund sooner.

Electronic filing allows taxpayers to check the IRSWheresMyRefund site 24 hours after e-filing...

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Website: http://taxexprt.com

How Long Before I Get My Income Tax Refund?

How Long Before I Get My Income Tax Refund?

by Lance

There are two ways for a taxpayer to get back their federal income tax refund. They can opt to have the refund amount direct deposited into their bank account or they can request a paper check be mailed. The option you choose will affect the amount of time it takes to receive your refund. It also matters how you have filed your tax return and...

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Website: http://www.moneysmartsblog.com

Income Tax Extensions: Payments and Penalties Explained ...

Filing a tax extension gives you six extra months to file your tax return (5 months for certain business entities) But if you owe taxes, the IRS requires that you still pay by the original due date of your return (typically  April 17 for individuals  and  March 15 for businesses ).

This may seem a bit counterintuitive to many taxpayers. Isn't the whole point of getting a  tax extension  so...

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Website: http://www.filelater.com

Excise Tax E-Services - Wyoming Department of Revenue

enter� WYIFS� Wyoming Internet Filing System for Business

Managing your account

The Wyoming Internet Filing System is a paperless solution for registering for your business licenses and filing your business taxes you are required to report to the Wyoming Department of Revenue Excise Tax Division.� You can feel confident that your data will remain secure as this website is protected by...

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Date: 2018-04-03 18:05:13
Website: http://revenue.wyo.gov

How to File 2014 Taxes in 2017 | RapidTax

How to E-File 2014 Taxes in 2017

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 14, 2016

Last modified: December 19, 2016

There is a time and place for everything...including your 2014 tax return.

The 2015 tax season was that time and place.�Although you're a�little�late, you can still file your 2014 taxes. You just won't be able to electronically file (e-file) it.

IRS e-file�dates and...

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Website: https://www.rapidtax.com

How to File Unfiled IRS or Old State Tax Returns

How to File Unfiled Tax

How to File Unfiled Tax Returns

In most cases, if you didn't file a previous year's tax return, you can do it retroactively. Although often more cumbersome, you can prepare and submit most state tax returns late.

There are many consequences to not filing Federal tax returns ( IRS) and State �when you are required or you have a balance owed. In most cases, filing a tax...

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Website: http://www.taxdebthelp.com

Home | Sales Tax Manager

Easily file sales and use tax returns while

reducing the chance of error.

Start for Free

Welcome to Sales Tax Manager

Sales Tax Manager is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Windows application which will create signature-ready state and local sales and use tax returns from a blank sheet of paper.

File Multiple Returns

File multiple state and local returns with only one...

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Date: 2018-04-06 00:14:23
Website: https://www.salestaxmanager.com

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How Do I Get a PIN to Sign Electronically if This Is My ...

How Do I Get a PIN to Sign Electronically if This Is My First Time Filing Income Taxes?

by Chris Brantley

If you file your taxes electronically, you have to select a five-digit PIN to authorize your tax return's submission. You can no longer use the paper form 8543 for this purpose. To select your PIN, you must know one of the following items from your previous year's tax return: the adjusted...

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Website: https://pocketsense.com

How to File a Quarterly Federal Tax Return | Finance - Zacks

If the IRS classifies you as self-employed, you are required to file an annual federal income tax return and pay estimated quarterly taxes on Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for Individuals. Estimated quarterly taxes are a prepayment of Social Security, Medicare and federal income taxes that self-employed individuals must pay because these workers do not have an employer to withhold taxes from a...

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Website: https://finance.zacks.com

Overview of charging and collecting sales tax - Canada ...

Only Applies to : Quebec

Is your business based in Quebec? If so, learn about your fiscal obligations including taxes and deductions.

How do I report and send GST/HST to the government?

Once you are registered for GST/HST , Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ) will assign you a reporting period; you file a GST/HST return for each reporting period. On your GST/HST return, you will be required to enter...

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Website: https://canadabusiness.ca

IRS E-File Tax Refund Schedule for 2017 - Income Investors

Tax season is here. This is a look at the IRS E-Filing tax refund schedule 2017. 2017,Adsense https://www.incomeinvestors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/taxes-150x150.jpg

IRS E-File Tax Refund Schedule for 2017

By Jing Pan, B.Sc., MA | February 7, 2017

Tax Refund Schedule 2017

Tax season is here. While many taxpayers like to wait until the last minute to file their tax returns, there are also...

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Website: https://www.incomeinvestors.com

I don’t know if I need to complete a Tax Return « TaxAid

You are here: Home » Guides » Taxpayers » Help with your Tax Return » I don't know if I need to complete a Tax Return

PLEASE NOTE: The charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC.

I don't know if I need to complete a Tax Return

Help with your Tax Return guide


HM Revenue and Customs sends Tax Returns - or a notice to file on-line - to...

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Website: http://taxaid.org.uk

Online Filing of Federal and State Income Tax ... - Missouri

Online Filing Providers

Free Online Filing Providers

The Missouri Department of Revenue (department) has entered into an agreement with certain software providers to offer free online filing services to qualified Missouri taxpayers. This agreement is called the Free File Alliance. Through this agreement, taxpayers can file their Federal and Missouri income tax returns using approved software....

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Website: http://dor.mo.gov

H&R Block 2017 - 2018 Military OneSource Tax Software

Military OneSource offers a free electronic tax filing service for U.S. Armed Force Troops. The Military OneSource Free Tax Filing Services Features H&R Block At Home® Online Tax Return Preparation.

Those who are eligible under the Military OneSource tax program, can complete, save, and file their federal and up to three state returns online for free with the H&R Block At...

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Date: 2017-12-28 14:45:02
Website: http://militarytaxsoftware.com

Business Online Tax Extension | TaxExtension.com

Online Tax Extensions for Businesses

C-Corporations and S-Corporations

In general, a corporation must file its tax return by the 15th day of the 3rd month following the close of its tax year. A tax extension will extend the filing deadline for 6 months.

Multi-Member LLCs

An LLC (limited liability company) with at least 2 members is classified as a "partnership" by default for Federal tax...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:44:54
Website: http://www.taxextension.com

Personal Online Tax Extension | TaxExtension.com

Online Tax Extensions for Individuals

1040 Personal Income Tax Returns

A Federal tax extension gives you 6 extra months to file your return -- including IRS Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR, and 1040-SS.

Sole Proprietorships + Independent Contractors

Individuals who are involved in a self-employed trade or business are expected to report their income on Schedule C of IRS Form...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:50:41
Website: http://www.taxextension.com

Avalara Returns: Sales Tax Return Software, Automated ...

Automated sales tax return software

Full Name

* First and last name are both required * First and last name are both required


* This field is required * Please enter a valid email address


* This field is required * Please enter a valid phone number


* This field is required

I would like to receive marketing communications from Avalara, and may unsubscribe at any time.


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Date: 2018-04-05 23:46:16
Website: https://www1.avalara.com

Sales and Use Tax | Virginia Tax

How to File and Pay Sales and Use Tax

Virginia Tax requires �businesses to file and pay most sales taxes electronically - we offer 3 free options to meet this requirement:

eForms� - eForms look�similar to the paper versions of returns. No login or password�required. Simply fill in the required fields, and pay any tax due using direct debit.

Available sales tax eForms:�

Form ST-9 for single locality filers

Form ST-9 for businesses with multiple locations

Communications Tax ( Form CT-75 )

Business Online Services Account �- just log in to your account and�select "File/ Pay Taxes" and select the tax...

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:32:34
Website: https://www.tax.virginia.gov

Electronic Tax Filing (e-File) - State of Delaware

Electronic Tax Filing - (2011) e-file

What is E-File?

E-File stands for the Federal/State Electronic Filing Program, a joint program between the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") and the Delaware Division of Revenue ("DDOR") to provide electronic filing capability of both Federal and State income tax returns in a one-transmission fashion. In essence, the Federal and State returns are "packaged"...

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Website: https://revenue.delaware.gov

How Grand Rapids is working to speed up income tax return ...

The city's income tax department made some changes this year to achieve that figure -- and is planning major adjustments for the 2017 tax year to help speed up processing times.�

Turnaround times �for processing income tax returns has been an issue�for the city in recent years.

The city had outsourced return processing �to JP Morgan Chase in 2011�-- but the bank's imaging software...

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Date: 2017-09-27 21:35:45
Website: http://www.mlive.com

Composite Partnership Tax - Louisiana Department of Revenue

Composite Partnership Tax

Who Must File?

Partnerships engaging in activities in Louisiana that have nonresident partners are required to file a composite partnership return unless:

a. All nonresident partners are corporations, partnerships or tax exempt trusts; or

b. All nonresident individual partners have a valid agreement on file with the Department of Revenue.


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Website: revenue.louisiana.gov

Form 2290 Heavy Truck Tax E-file | Tax2290.com

IRS Form 2290 is used to report the heavy highway vehicle use tax return to the federal authorities. This IRS Tax Form 2290 is reported once in a year and the tax year starts from 1st of July till 30th of June.

Use of Form 2290

Evaluate and pay the highway truck taxes for vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more;

Prepare and report suspension (exempt) of tax for heavy trucks...

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Date: 2017-12-22 05:32:22
Website: http://www.tax2290.com

Withholding tax - Wikipedia

See also: Payroll tax

Most developed countries operate a wage withholding tax system. In some countries, subnational governments require wage withholding so that both national and subnational taxes may be withheld. In the U.S. , [1] Canada , [2] and others, the federal and most state or provincial governments, as well as some local governments, require such withholding for income taxes on...

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Date: 2018-04-03 05:21:59
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

What is the 2016 Tax Filing Deadline for US Citizens Abroad?

Under typical circumstances, April 15 is the annual deadline to file a federal income tax return.� However, this year's deadline falls a few days later than normal.� Because Emancipation Day will be celebrated on Friday, April 15, the 2016 deadline to file taxes will be pushed back to Monday, April 18, three days later than the standard due date.� That's good news for taxpayers, who'll get...

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Website: http://ustaxhelp.com

Massachusetts drops its online-tax filing system - The ...

Massachusetts has joined a growing number of states that have ditched their free online tax-filing system, pushing residents to use software developed by private companies, and in some cases to pay for it.

Thousands of Massachusetts taxpayers who have been submitting their state tax returns through Webfile for Income, a system in use since 2009, will this year be directed to a coalition of...

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Website: https://www.bostonglobe.com

Employer’s Quarterly Wage Report Filing Options | Texas ...

Unemployment Tax Services


Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Rules 815.107 and 815.109 require all employers to report Unemployment Insurance (UI) wages and to pay their quarterly UI taxes electronically. Employers that do not file and pay electronically may be subject to penalties as prescribed in Sections 213.023 and 213.024 of the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act (TUCA ).


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Date: 2018-04-05 18:16:42
Website: http://www.twc.state.tx.us

Tax return (United States) - Wikipedia

Under the Internal Revenue Code returns can be classified as either tax returns or information returns, although the term "tax return" is sometimes used to describe both kinds of returns in a broad sense. Tax returns, in the more narrow sense, are reports of tax liabilities and payments, often including financial information used to compute the tax. A very common federal tax form is IRS Form 1040...

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Date: 2018-04-05 14:08:04
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

Madeira, OH - Official Website - Tax Online Filing

You are here: Home > Government > Tax Department > Tax Online Filing


Tax Online Filing

Let the online electronic filing (e-file) do all the calculating for you. It will even calculate your credit for taxes paid to other cities. It will show any carry forward you may have from the prior year and any estimated payments that you have made for the current year. It makes the mandatory filing as...

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Website: http://www.madeiracity.com

Miscellaneous Taxes | Department of Taxes

For natural gas, coal, and electricity, the tax is computed on the retail sale price of the fuel.

There is an additional petroleum distributor licensing fee for heating oil, kerosene, and other dyed fuel delivered to a business or residence. This licensing fee has been extended, and will terminate on April 1, 2021.

Due Date

The final quarterly Fuel Tax Return (Formerly Fuel Gross Receipts Tax)...

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Date: 2018-04-05 17:28:54
Website: http://tax.vermont.gov

Best Tax Software 2018: TurboTax vs H&R ... - We Rock Your Web

Read Review

Tax time is here and so are your W-2s or 1099s since most employers sent them out to arrive by the end of January. In fact, business taxes are due in many states in mid-March! So, it's time to get started and get rolling, especially if you are due a refund check.

But, when tax season comes around each year there are those who always go with a name they know, those who go straight to...

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Website: https://www.werockyourweb.com

Free Military Tax Software for the 2017 - 2018 Tax Season

Free Military Tax Software

For 2017 - 2018 Income Tax Filing

Specialized Military Tax Software Programs are designed to make tax preparation for U.S. Military members much easier to complete, and generally include a customized tax interview process that asks questions specific to the tax returns for armed force personnel.

There are several choices along with Free Options that...

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Date: 2017-12-28 14:45:03
Website: http://militarytaxsoftware.com

CPA Tax Accountant & Tax Preparation | Deerfield IL

Scott, Horewitch, Pidgeon & Abrams, LLC�provides our clients with professional accounting, tax, and financial planning services of the highest quality and value. �Value that is measured by our firm's ability to respond to the needs of our clients quickly, competently, and cost-effectively.

The extensive experience and proven integrity of the CPA professionals at SHPA, LLC�will help you...

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Website: http://www.shpacpa.com

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Sales and Use Tax | Virginia Department of Taxation

Sales and Use Tax

How to File and Pay Sales and Use Tax

Virginia Tax requires �businesses to file and pay most sales taxes electronically - we offer 3 free options to meet this requirement:

eForms� - eForms look�similar to the paper versions of returns. No login or password�required. Simply fill in the required fields, and pay any tax due using direct debit.

Available sales tax eForms:�

Form ST-9 for single locality filers

Form ST-9 for businesses with multiple locations

Communications Tax ( Form CT-75 )

Business Online Services Account �- just log in to your account and�select "File/ Pay Taxes" and...

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Website: http://www.tax2.virginia.gov

NJ Division of Taxation - New Jersey Sales and Use Tax EZ ...

New Jersey Sales and Use Tax EZ File

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I file my sales and use tax return and make my payment on the 20th and be considered timely?

A. Yes. As long as your return is transmitted by 11:59 p.m. on the due date, whether by phone or online, it will be considered timely filed. Whether you are paying by EFT, e-check or credit card, if the...

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Website: http://www.state.nj.us