2017 Tax Course Module Thirteen - PAYMENTS

Module Thirteen of the TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Course talks about the Payments Section of Form 1040...tax withholding and Estimated Tax Payments.

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Melodic Musical Sales, Inc. is located at 5500 Fourth Avenue, City, ST 98765. The corporation uses the calendar year and accrual basis for both book and tax purposes. It is engaged in the sale of musical instruments with an employer identification number (EIN) of XX-2014012. The company incorporated on December 31, 2008, and began business...

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Tax Relief for Hurricane Irma Victims

This video is about Tax Relief for Hurricane Irma Victims. Tax relief for Florida victims for the filing of Corporate Income Tax forms 1120, 1120-S and Personal Income Tax forms series 1040 and quarterly estimated payments due between Sept 4 to January 31, 2018.

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Taxes for Musicians and Artists: Complete Guide

Hey people what’s up! It’s Claudio here and today I wanted to make a video about how to prepare your taxes as a musician or independent artist. I get a lot of questions on this topic, and it’s taken me years to understand how to approach tax season as a working musician and business owner.

As someone that’s self-employed, you are technically a business owner. You are sole-proprietor which means you are a person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits...

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Filing Tax Returns -- 60 Second Business Tip


Filing Tax Returns

The federal income tax is a pay-as-you-go tax. A corporation generally must make four equal installments of estimated tax payments throughout its tax year. After the end of the year, the corporation must file an income tax return. You can use Form 1120-W to figure each required installment of estimated tax. All domestic corporations must file an income tax return whether or not they have taxable income. A corporation must generally file Form 1120 to...

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Alice West (Social Security number 785-23-9873) lives at 13234 Madis

Alice West (Social Security number 785-23-9873) lives at 13234 Madison Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214, and is self-employed for 2015. She estimates her required annual estimated tax payment for 2015 to be S6, 816. She had a overpayment of last year\s taxes, which she will apply against her first quarter estimated payment. Complete the first quarter voucher below for Alice for 2015.) File only if you are making a payment of estimated tax by check or money order. Mail this voucher with your check...

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Quarterly Tax Estimate Step #4 (Optional State Taxes) [WORKSHEET #2: V5]

Get your accounting & taxes done! With the BUSINESS SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE (for self-employed & LLCs): http://www.amandarussell.mba/getthebusinessspreadsheet

I made this spreadsheet to simplify the complicated side of business, so you can be empowered by your money. Get started while it's free! In this spreadsheet you can update your ACCOUNTING records, calculate QUARTERLY taxes, & organize your INCOME end-of-year taxes - all in one template with step-by-step videos.

Step #4 is to calculate your...

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax: Electronically Filing Estimates

This video demonstrates how to setup and verify that estimated tax payments are included in the e-filed 1040 return using interview forms in CCH® Global fx Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

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Form Interview page in ExpressExtension


On this page you'll go into greater detail about your business. Select one of the options by clicking in the box. Then choose your Corporation Tax Year.

You can also input your estimated tax and payments. Form 7004 is an application for filing an extension of time, not of payment. If you owe money to the IRS, and have made payments on it, input it here.

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Canvas Tax Deduction Checklist - Checklist.com Mobile App


This app will be of assistance when looking for tax deductions. Any item not checked should be reviewed for improvement. Covers general income, business income, tax credits, expense and tax deduction, tax estimate payments and general information. This app's content is used with permission from Checklist.com. This Tax Deduction Checklist is brought to you by Checklist.com.

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