Form 8862, How to Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance

Errors on your tax return happen, and generally, they delay your refund. When the mistake is made while claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit, you can expect to wait a little longer to receive that part of your tax refund, even extending into months-long delays. In some cases, errors on the EITC portion of your tax return could result in a denial of your entire credit.

Should the IRS deny your EITC claim, you’ll suffer some...

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CPA Exam 2018 REG- Intro to Partnership Tax Return and K-1 forms

The CPA exam expects you to know the flow of a Partnership Tax return. This video contains live instruction regarding the calculation of ordinary income of the partnership as well as the separately stated items. You will learn about Schedules K and K-1 and be prepared to answer many questions regarding Partnership tax. Yes I provide one-on-one tutoring for the 2018 CPA exam. Read the recommendations on Linked in at

If you need help...

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From: Darius Clark

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