File IRS Tax Extension & Filing Income Taxes Late - Boulder CO - What happens if you file taxes late? For help with filing late income tax returns & getting an IRS tax extension, call accountant Bill Brooks CPA at (303)447-1626

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IRS Tax Filing Date 2015 – 2016 | Important Dates

IRS Tax Filing Dates for 2015 – 2016 tax filing. The information shows projected 2016 deadlines for filing 2015 tax returns and requesting extensions

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How to File Tax Return Extension Form 4868

Learn how to file your own Form 4868 - Application to file an income tax extension:

1. Extensions: If you can't file your tax return by April 15th, don't panic! You can file an extension. But remember the extension ONLY gives you more time to file your tax return. You have to pay any taxes you owe by the due date. If your return is late you will have penalties/interest to pay!

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Should you file an extension for your personal tax return? and how to file your own 4868 extension

Hector Garcia, CPA discusses filing an extension and making estimated tax payment by April 15th to avoid penalties.

All tax penalties explained (individuals and corporations)

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IRS Tax Extension

File tax extension Form 4868. If you can't complete your federal tax return by the deadline, find out how and when to file an IRS extension and push your deadline back to October 17th.

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Donald Trump Filed For Extension Of 2016 Tax Return

A White House official has confirmed that President Trump filed for an extension on his 2016 tax returns, according to ABC News.

Filing an extension with the Internal Revenue Service, gives people an extra six months to file taxes. Trump will now have until Oct 2018 to file his taxes.


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How to File for an Extension of State Taxes - TurboTax Tax Tip Video If you don't have enough time to file your state income tax return by the deadline, you can file an extension. Learn how to file for a tax extension of state taxes with help from TurboTax in this tax tip video.

TurboTax Easy Extension is a free and easy way to file an extension online.

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Income Tax E-Filing: How To File Returns Using ITR-2 Form - Extensive Step-By-Step Guide

Income tax e-filing made easy in this video. PwC tax expert takes you through a step-by-step process on the income tax website - here's how to file returns using ITR-2.

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The Importance of filing your Tax Return or Tax Extension on Time

April 15th is right around the corner. You must either file your tax return or file your extension. In this last video of our 4 part series on taxes, find out what happens if you file your taxes late. There are real consequences when filing late, so get those tax documents in the mail today! Most importantly remember filing an extension is only an extension to file NOT an extension to pay.

DCC Financial Freedom Community provides educational, entertaining videos around the topic of personal...

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Should You File an Extension to File Your Tax Return?

Filing an extension to file your tax return (instead of filing it by April 15th) may not be in your best interest. Find out one of the reasons why.

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