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California marijuana tax and tracking systems behind schedule lawmaker

California will not be ready to fully collect taxes from its recreational marijuana market at the start of next year because not all of its tens of thousands of growers will be enrolled in the system, a state lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Residents of California, which produces about 60 percent of the country's marijuana, voted in November to legalize recreational use of the drug. Taxes on it are expected to bring in an estimated $1 billion a year for the state.

"When it comes to the state's...

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"Brian, a self emploed individual, pays state income tax payments of: on January 15, 2014 (4th estimated tax payment for 2013) on April 14, 2014 (1st estimated tax payment in 2014) on June 16th, 2014 (2nd estimated tax payment in 2014) ,000 on September 2014 (3rd estimated tax payment in 2014) on January 15, 2015 (4th estimated tax payment of 2014) Brian had a tax overpayment of on his 2013 state income tax return and applied this to his 2014 state income taxes. What is the amount of...

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Maryland analysis on federal tax overhaul released

While a majority of Maryland residents will pay less in federal taxes, state and local taxes will rise by an estimated $438 million in the 2018 tax year, unless state lawmakers address changes triggered by the federal tax overhaul, a report Thursday said.

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State and Local Refund:TaxSlayer Tax Tips|

Have you received a 1099-G from your state showing the amount of your prior year state refund? Are you wondering if it's taxable and why?

In general, if you didn't itemize and deduct state and local income taxes last year then you won't pay taxes on your state refund this year.

For itemizers, it's one of the strangest parts of the tax code. When you itemize, the amount of your state and local taxes that you deduct from your federal return is based on the total amount you paid to your state in...

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Trust Education: Income Tax Planning For Trusts (December 2013)

The Tax Policy Center estimates that only .14% of estates will now pay a federal estate tax. But state income taxes are on the rise. Advisors need to be aware of how state income taxes affect the trust's investment returns and whether such taxes can be reduced or avoided. In today's session we will review the advantages of situs in a state without state income tax and whether such situs can reduce or avoid state income tax in the grantor's home state. We'll also highlight the constitutional...

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Had To Pay Self Employment Fee When You Did Your Taxes? - for only $60 get the full video course on taxes for freelancers.

If you are self-employed, you really should not be surprised to pay self-employment tax.

If you don't make estimated payments 4 times a year, you will have to pay at the time you file your income tax return.

Self-employment tax is not a fee, it is a tax toward your future social security benefits and Medicare benefits.

If you make estimated payments, just like any person who has a job pays...

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Report: Undocumented immigrants contribute $231 million in state taxes annually

Undocumented immigrants pay an estimated $11.64 billion a year in taxes, according to a report by the Institution on Taxation and Economic Policy. Nearly $231.5 million of that amount is in state and local taxes for Arizona. (Video by Chloe Nordquist/Cronkite News)

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Taxes for Musicians and Artists: Complete Guide

Hey people what’s up! It’s Claudio here and today I wanted to make a video about how to prepare your taxes as a musician or independent artist. I get a lot of questions on this topic, and it’s taken me years to understand how to approach tax season as a working musician and business owner.

As someone that’s self-employed, you are technically a business owner. You are sole-proprietor which means you are a person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits...

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Tax & Financial Considerations for Locums

Above all, consult a reputable accountant for your specific situation, as the information below is not official tax advice. Locums generally work as independent contractors rather than as employees of clinics and hospitals. As such, they are usually responsible for their own taxes, pay quarterly estimated taxes, and cover all their Social Security taxes rather than an employer paying half of their Social Security obligations. Also remember that many states have state income taxes. If an...

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You Pay. Corporations Don't.

The CLEAR (Coalition for Labor Engagement and Accountable Revenues) Coalition highlights corporate loopholes which allows multi-state corporations to shift their earnings to a tax-haven state like Delaware. 70 percent of corporations in Pennsylvania do not pay income taxes. Because of this, the state loses an estimated $400 million to $1 billion while essential community services are being drastically cut in the state budget.

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Tools to File & Pay Taxes Online

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides helpful tips to assist you in filing and paying your taxes online.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue:


when it comes to filing and paying your

state taxes the Department of Revenue

has tools to help you every step of the


file your return for free

using Wisconsin e-File

View your form 1099-G online

or Lookup your estimated tax payments

pay your state taxes with just a few clicks

or check to see when...

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