Mike Stevenson shares his education, experience, and tax advice with the Tacoma Business Connection

Mike Stevenson, CPA of Brink & Sadler, starts off discussing his history of education and military experience with the Tacoma Business Connection, and shifts into a talk on taxes and the role of the IRS. From potential health insurance tax issues and estimated tax payments to tax law and the potential to send in returns on a postcard, it's quite an interesting watch.

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From: Tacoma Business Connection

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Alice West (Social Security number 785-23-9873) lives at 13234 Madis

Alice West (Social Security number 785-23-9873) lives at 13234 Madison Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214, and is self-employed for 2015. She estimates her required annual estimated tax payment for 2015 to be S6, 816. She had a overpayment of last year\s taxes, which she will apply against her first quarter estimated payment. Complete the first quarter voucher below for Alice for 2015.) File only if you are making a payment of estimated tax by check or money order. Mail this voucher with your check...

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How do Quarterly Taxes Work in New York City? | 212 Tax & Accounting

Are you wondering how to do quarterly taxes in NYC? Quarterly estimated taxes are required for businesses looking to avoid unwanted fees and penalties. A tax advisor can help you keep track of these payments so you never miss a deadline.

Quarterly taxes in NYC are different than in other places since NYC has a unique set of city and state taxes which need to be taken into account. 212 Tax & Accounting sends out monthly reminders so businesses and self-employed professionals are always...

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