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The Easy Way To Make Estimated Tax Payments

You pay your credit card and utility bills online, why not your estimated income tax payments? If you're still using printed vouchers, writing out checks, and taking a trip to the post office to mail them certified return receipt--four times a year--there really is a better way. Once you enroll in the federal online payment system, you can go online once and set up all four payments for the year. The Department of the Treasury--and state revenue departments—have online services that let you...

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Unlike Trump, Mike Pence Releases 10 Years of Tax Returns

Unlike republican Nominee Donald Trump. Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence released 10 years of tax returns on Friday evening. The returns from the Pence family date from 2006 until 2015. And they show that - unlike Trump's -- Mike Pence's finances are relatively routine. Last year, Pence's gross adjusted income was $113,026; he paid an effective tax rate of 12.4 percent and gave about $9,000 to charity, according to the campaign. Since 2006, the family's income has fluctuated...

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Osborne Considers 5billion Poumd Tax Credit Cut

The government is considering reducing child tax credits for millions of working families as part of its £12bn welfare cuts, the BBC understands.

Allies of George Osborne are studying an Institute for Fiscal Studies idea to return tax credits to 2003/4 levels, plus inflation.

Changes would cut entitlements for about 3.7 million low-income families by about £1,400 a year, the IFS said.

Political allies of Mr Osborne say the move would increase incentives to...

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Trump Administration Supports States' Bid To Collect Online Sales Tax

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration on Monday said states should be able to require online retailers to collect sales taxes, backing an appeal by South Dakota at the U.S. Supreme Court that could mean billions of dollars in revenue for state coffers. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque South Dakota is asking the justices to overturn a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that companies with no physical presence in a state are not required to collect a state sales tax on purchases. “A physical-presence...

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How To File Your Taxes Online For Free--And Get Your Refund Faster

Business Insider reports you can file your taxes for free if you made less than $66,000 in 2017.

Check your options using the IRS Free File Lookup tool.

When you file, the IRS recommends electronically filing and requesting direct deposit for your refund.

You'll typically get your tax return within three weeks, rather than the standard six weeks!



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$30 Million of Pot Taxes Could Be Returned to Colorado Residents

Colorado may have to refund $30 million of the more than $50 million it collected in taxes from marijuana sales over the course of 2014. The money would go directly into the pockets of state residents in the form of tax rebates, thanks to a constitutional amendment that limits taxes collected. Taxes on marijuana currently add 30 percent or more to the price of pot, depending on the jurisdiction. Legal weed sales now face return because of a 1992 voter-approved constitutional amendment called...

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When Is This Year's Deadline For Filing Tax Returns?

If you've been procrastinating about doing your taxes, don't worry. You still have time, and even a little extra this year. The usual April 15 deadline falls on a Saturday this year so the deadline has been extended to Tuesday, April 18. So far, the IRS has already processed 101 million individual tax returns. Chances of getting audited this year are also low since the agency has lost more than 17,000 employees, including almost 7,000 enforcement...

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Swedish Business Fear Return To High-tax Past As Elections Near

For many Swedish businesses and prosperous households, years of falling taxes and reforms that put maids in middle class homes and fed a consumer boom in luxury cars and holidays in Asia may be drawing to a close. Elections on Sept. 14 look set to throw out a center-right government as many voters rebel against welfare cuts, stubbornly high unemployment, poor school results and tales of hospitals straining to care for patients. Eight years of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt helped transform...

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U.S. States Lower Revenue Estimates After Tax Uncertainty

According to an analysis released on Monday, U.S. states are reducing their tax revenue forecasts, afters concerns over a projected fall in economic growth, low oil prices, and possible federal tax cuts. The Rockefeller Institute of Government, said that, while the revised forecasts varied, states generally anticipate continued stagnant growth for their two biggest revenue sources. That being income and sales taxes, which already makes it difficult for tight state budgets. Lucy Dadayan, one of...

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Former U.S. Representative to Plead Guilty in Tax Evasion Case

Former United States Representative Mel Reynolds said this week he wants to plead guilty to misdemeanor federal charges of failing to file a tax return. Reynolds wrote in a handwritten filing posted on Tuesday that he would also like "to come to court at the earliest time possible" to enter his guilty plea. A status hearing is scheduled for May 19. Reynolds was arrested back April 11 at an Atlanta airport when he arrived from South Africa after failing to attend a hearing in the tax case. A...

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